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Play Through the Bible – Adam & Eve

October 2016 – While reading the story of Adam and Eve, my 2-year old daughter made an interesting observation, “Snake is naughty, mommy! He need spanking!”

She also made the observation that after Adam and Eve were naughty it made them very sad. All this opened up a great conversation about what it means to be naughty and how being naughty makes people sad and may require “spankings”.

As a hands-on project we worked together to make a snake out of construction paper. Nothing too complicated. But we had fun coloring it together and talking about the “naughty snake” in the story.

When the snake was done my daughter insisted that we had to hang it up on the wall. The moment I got it hung up on display she started hitting the snake and repeating, “Naughty snake! He needs spankings!”

When she was through with “spanking” her snake, she asked if we could make Adam and Eve. So I pulled out some more construction paper and we worked together to make a little garden for Adam and Eve.

We drew a snake in the tree and my daughter had a lot of fun gluing purple “forbidden fruit” in the tree. We made the tree to have a flap to hide the snake which she thought was really cool.

Then we set to work drawing and cutting out the characters of Adam, Eve, and the Angel with the flaming sword.

The bushes on our garden picture were glued in a way that would create pockets behind them, so Adam and Eve can hide behind the bushes, the way they hide from God in the story.

We had a lot of fun creating the garden scene together and talking about the characters and the story in greater detail. Then she went on to play with it on her own, and it actually kept her pretty occupied for much of the afternoon.

And even then, for days after she kept asking me, “where’s my Adam and Eve?”. It was such a simple paper craft but for a good week or two they were her favorite toys!

Printable Mini Coloring Book: Don’t Touch That Tree

Don’t Touch That Tree is a printable, mini book that is free to download and print to help teach children the story of Adam and Eve. Available both in color and black and white (coloring book).  

Stop and Go Obedience Game

Telling the story of Adam and Eve is a great time to incorporate lessons about the important topic of obedience – a lesson every young child needs to learn! A simple game of “Stop and Go” can be a fun way to begin a lesson about obedience.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more resources on teaching kids about obedience!

YouTube: Beginner Bible Adam & Eve

The Beginner Bible Adam & Eve video picks up where the Creation Video left off. God plants a garden for Adam and gives Adam the job of naming the animals. Then God creates Eve and the story continues through until the fall and their banishment from the garden. The video is pretty cute and tells the story with fun animation and catchy music.
Of course, for my extra sensitive 3-year-old daughter the snake is a bit much for her, so I also have a version specifically for her where I shortened the section with the snake and made it a little less scary for her.

YouTube: God’s Story - The Fall

God’s Story The Fall is just a very quick telling of the story of Adam and Eve; simple, yet entertaining. This can be a great way to introduce the story to kids or use as a way to reinforce or review the lesson.

YouTube: Read and Share Bible – Adam & Eve

Read and Share Bible – Adam & Eve. A very short and simple telling of the story of Ruth. The animation is cute, and the story sticks with the Biblical account of the story.

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Share Faith Kids: The Fall of Man

The Share Faith Kids The Fall of Man Bible lessons has a set of children’s Bible story resources for the story of creation. There is a membership fee to access all the resources on their website, however they do allow you to have 4 sets free to “try it out” . . . or, if you don’t mind the logos on the video and aren’t planning to use the activity sheets, you can just watch the videos directly on their website!

YouTube: Agapeland Character Lessons – Obedience

Agapeland Character Building: Obedience. This is a cute little classic story for kids that teaches a simple lesson about obedience. Of course, if you prefer more modern animation all of these classic Agapeland character building stories have been recreated . . . Here the link to the modern version: Obedience at the Zoo.

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