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Play Through the Bible – Joseph

September 2017 – My daughter loves paper dolls and dress up clothes, so our fun way of learning the story of Joseph what in exploring the different outfits he had for the different stages of life.

We had a lot of fun drawing, coloring, and cutting out different outfits for Joseph, then we told the story of Joseph and my daughter would change his outfits accordingly.

If you would like copy of this free “Joseph Doll” I’ve made it available for download:

Here’s a cute little video clip of Keturah using this Joseph doll to tell the story:

Printable Mini Coloring Book: Joseph Gets a New Coat

Joseph Gets a New Coat is a printable, mini book that is free to download and print to help teach children the story of Joseph. Available both in color and black and white (coloring book).
There are actually several books in this same series that feature the life of Joseph, so be sure to check them out!

God’s Story - Joseph. Short, but very informative and entertaining teachings. A great way to introduce the story or use as a way to reinforce the lesson.

Read and Share Bible – Joseph the Slave. A very short and simple animated Bible story. Pretty short and simple, but the animation is cute and the story sticks with the Biblical account of the story. Also from the same series are these other videos about Joseph: “Joseph in Jail”, “Joseph in Charge”, and “Joseph and His Brothers