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Play Through the Bible – Nehemiah

Our “Play Through the Bible” activities for Nehemiah were pretty simple. We basically just read the story of Nehemiah in the Children’s Bible, watched a couple movies on YouTube, and then pulled out the kids’ toy tools and blocks and got them busy building a wall like how Nehemiah did.

Nehemiah Activity Book

Here is a simple activity book I created to go with our Nehemiah lesson. Some of the pictures are ones that I gathered from different sites across the web – I have listed the original links below to be sure to give credit to the right sources.

>> Download the Nehemiah Activity Book

Original Picture Sources (and Nehemiah coloring pages):

Nehemiah: Builder for God

Nehemiah: Builder for God is an accurate retelling of the story of Nehemiah especially for children.

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Bible Memory Verse
Here is a printable Bible Memory Verse card for the study of Nehemiah. I designed this card to be 4x6 inches because I like to print the memory verse cards on glossy photo paper, but feel free to use them however you like.
(This Bible memory verse comes from the English Standard Version of the Bible)

Here is also a full-color memory verse card . . .

Share Faith Kids: Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls of Jerusalem

Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls of Jerusalem. The Share Faith Kids website has a set of children’s Bible story resources for the book of Nehemiah, including a video narrative of the story, a picture PowerPoint if you wish to tell the story yourself, and also printable activity sheets for kids. There is a membership fee to access all the resources on their website, however they do allow you to have 4 sets free to “try it out” . . . or, if you don’t mind the logos on the video and aren’t planning to use the activity sheets, you can just watch the videos directly on their website!

God’s Story - Nehemiah. Short, but very informative and entertaining teachings. A great way to introduce the story or use as a way to reinforce the lesson.

YouTube: What’s in the Bible – Nehemiah

What’s in the Bible – Nehemiah. A combination of puppets and animation, the What’s in the Bible series tells the story of Nehemiah.

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What’s in the Bible? - Volume 7: Exile and Return. From Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales, comes this 13-part series “Buck Denver Asks . . . What’s in the Bible?”. This series is designed to take the entire family on a tour through the ENTIRE Bible! Teaching children and parents alike with fun animation, puppets, catchy tunes, and amazing facts. A fun exciting journey that clearly points out God's great rescue plan!

Looking for more ideas? Check out my Nehemiah Pinterest Board!