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Letter of the Week: T

T is for Turtle

Here is a list of some good Letter T words:

Turtle, Truck, Train, Tiger, Tomato, Tulip, Tree, Teeth, Telephone, Teacher, Tools, Turkey, Tractor

Listed below are some of the activities and resources we used in this study . . .

Free Printable Worksheets

Please refer to our Alphabet Fun Page for the wide assortment of printable worksheets as well as other resources and ideas for teaching the letters of the Alphabet!!

YouTube: Letter E Phonics Song

This Letter E Phonics Song is a great little video clip that teaches the sound that the letter makes as well as lots of different words that begin with that letter!

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>> Sesame Street: Letter E

>> ABCmouse Letter E Song

T is for Turtle Worksheets

These Free Turtle Letter T Worksheets go really well with our letter of the week activities. A nice variation from the standard letter worksheets, these worksheets add a dimension of fun as we continue learning with turtles.

Looking for more worksheets?

All our standard alphabet worksheets are found on our Alphabet Fun page!

YouTube: Wild Kratts Box Turtled In!

Wild Kratts Box Turtled In. Fun and learning with these children’s science animal adventure movies! This one is all about the Box Turtle!

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>> All Things Animals: Sea Turtles

>> New Born, Baby Sea Turtles Race to the Ocean

>> How Baby Sea Turtles Find Their Way Home

The Tortoise and the Hare

The Tortoise and the Hare is a cute little fable that teaches children about the importance or perseverance. This particular read-aloud story is from the ABCmouse series.

YouTube: How to Draw a Turtle

Easy Kids Drawing: How to Draw a Turtle teaches kids how to draw a very easy turtle. This particular drawing series is one of my kids’ favorites. The instructions are easy to follow, and the person giving the instructions really does a good job of encouraging kids to try new things and even use their own imagination to make their drawings unique.

Please refer to our Alphabet Fun Page for more resources, including a wide assortment of printable worksheets for learning the letters of the Alphabet!!