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Alphabet Fun

The key to teaching your child the alphabet is repetition, repetition, REPETITION! Say it, sing it, write it, watch it, play it . . .

There are a lot of great resources that can make it so much fun to teach your child the alphabet and letters. This is a collection of some of my favorite alphabet resources.

Your child will be singing the ABC’s and sounding out their letters before you know it!

Highlighter Letters

This Highlighter Letters activity takes absolutely no advanced preparations, all you need is some paper, highlighters, and a writing utensil for your child. Take the highlighter and write out the alphabet on a sheet of paper and then have your child trace over each of the highlighter letters.

You can do this same activity with numbers, shapes, and any tracing practice you want your child to do . . . You just write it out first with highlighters and your child traces over whatever you’ve written. This would also be a great way to get your child started with writing their name!

Painted Letters

A slight variation from the highlighter letters activity (above), with this Painted Letters activity you can write out the letters on a sheet of paper and have your child paint over each letter with a Q-tip.

Alphabet Flip Books

Included in this Alphabet Flip Book package is a printable book for each letter of the alphabet with six pictures for each letter. They are great for introducing or reviewing the letters of the alphabet as well as learning word associations.

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>> Free Printable Alphabet Letter Books

GIANT Alphabet Coloring Page

This Giant Alphabet Coloring Page is actually six pages that you print and tape together to form one big sheet. Just the size of the sheet makes it exciting and fun to color! This download is free, but you need to subscribe to the blog in order to access it (you can always unsubscribe later).

Letter Rubbing

Letter Rubbing is a very simple activity that incorporates motor skills, textures, and shape discovery.

Alphabet Coloring Pages

These beautiful alphabet coloring pages are from the Life Over C’s website, however, their website has been having technical difficulties and it can be really confusing to find how to download these pages, so here is a direct link you can use:

>> Alphabet Coloring Pages

A - Z Coloring Book Pages

These A - Z Coloring Book Pages are great for teaching the letters of the alphabet and words/pictures that are associated with each letter.

Alphabet Letter Recognition Worksheets

These Letter Recognition Worksheets are very simple but very effective in giving students a way to practice recognizing the letters of the alphabet. Each letter has an entire page for a total of 26 pages . . . and they’re FREE!

26 FREE Alphabet Worksheets

Get your kids tracing, coloring, writing, and more with these Alphabet Worksheets. One sheet for each letter of the alphabet!

Alphabet Tracing Worksheet

Here are some free alphabet tracing worksheet for both Upper-Case Letters and Lower-Case Letters.

Missing Letter Worksheets

Practice ordering the alphabet with these Free Missing Letters Worksheets. Your child can fill in the blanks to complete the alphabet. There are four worksheets in this pack, two featuring upper-case letters and two featuring lower-case letters.

Find and Trace the Alphabet

Find and Trace Alphabet Scenes. These cute scenes help your children with letter recognition and letter formation. There are both upper case and lower case worksheets.

Dot-to-Dot Alphabet Letters

These Dot-to-Dot Alphabet Letters create each letter of the alphabet (upper-case and lower-case letters) when you connect the dots.

Unifix Cube Letter Matching

Children can practice matching upper-case and lower-case letters with these homemade Alphabet Letter Cubes (made with Unifix Cubes).

Here are some other great Unifix Cube Printables:

>> Alphabet Snap Cube Letters ($1)

>> Number Counting Cards

>> Number & Pattern Cards

>> Unifix Cube Counting Mats

>> Graphing Unifix Cubes

>> Unifix Cube Patterns

>> Cube Puzzle Letters and Puzzles

>> Unifix Color Pattern Cards

And here are some other Unifix Cube activities:

>> Unifix Math and Counting Activities

>> Squares in a Shape

>> Block Shadows

>> Unifix Cube Color Sorting

I-Spy Alphabet Mats

This is not a free resource, but $4 is a reasonable price to ask when you consider the time that goes into making these letter mats. Each letter of the alphabet has its own full-color card . . . Beginning Sound Search I-Spy Alphabet Mats.

Alphabet Flash Card Matching

Alphabet flash card matching is a great way to practice letter recognition. You can either purchase two sets of regular alphabet flash cards to use for matching the pictures to the letters, or purchase a set that has separate cards for upper-case and lower-case letters to match big letters to little letters.

>> Leap Frog Alphabet Flash Cards

>> Trend Enterprises Alphabet Pocket Flash Cards

FREE Alphabet Flash Cards to Print

Polka Dot Alphabet Flash Cards. These are really cute flash cards! Great for writing practice, letter recognition, or even wall decorations. If you print two copies of this set you could also do alphabet matching games.  

There are a lot of different options when it comes to free printable flash cards, here are some other really nice options . . .

>> DIY Alphabet Flash Cards

>> Small 2x3 inch Alphabet Flash Cards

>> Real or Cartoon Picture Alphabet Flash Cards

>> Large Polka Dot Flash Cards

Of course, in my opinion, when it comes to flash cards it’s really worth while just going out and purchasing a couple sets (I always buy TWO sets so I can do matching games with my kids) . . . with all the printing, cutting, laminating, and more cutting that goes into making your own flashcards, this is one thing that is really worth while purchasing.

>> Leap Frog Alphabet Flash Cards

>> Trend Enterprises Alphabet Pocket Flash Cards

Clothespin Alphabet Ordering

This fun learning activity combines fine motor skills with learning the letters of the alphabet. Clothespin Alphabet Ordering . . . you can use printable flash cards or just write the letters out on index cars or little sheets of paper.

ABC Bible Verse Flash Cards

If you’re doing a “letter-a-week” format of teaching you may be interested in adding an ABC Bible Verse in with the lesson. These are really cute cards and the verses are simple enough for young kids to memorize. These cards are free if you subscribe to the blog (you can always unsubscribe later).

Exercise Through the Alphabet

These Exercise Through the Alphabet cards are perfect for getting your child up and moving about while learning their letters.

FREE Alphabet Play Dough Mats

The 1-2-3 Homeschool 4 Me website offers these great Alphabet Play Dough Mats for preschoolers. There are a lot of play dough mat options available on the website, but I really like how this set offers more than just the letter but also some pictures that correspond with each letter and sections of the picture where the kids can have some coloring fun as well. Very nice set!

Also, if you prefer, here are just the standard simple Alphabet Playdough Mats.

Cookie Sheet Challenge

A cookie sheet, magnet letters, and these FREE Printables is all you need for these early reader activities . . . ABC’s, Sight Words, Rhymes, and more!

Painted Alphabet Rocks

Making your own Painted Alphabet Rocks can be a great way to encourage alphabet discovery even on the strictest of budgets. And the best part about making your own alphabet rocks is that, unlike other purchased alphabet sets, if you don’t have enough letter multiples for spelling the words you want you can just make more!

FREE Alphabet Phonics Coloring Sheets

One sheet for each letter. This set of Alphabet Phonics Coloring Sheets is completely free for downloading (from 1-2-3 Homeschool 4 Me)!

FREE Bingo Marker Alphabet Letter Find Sheets

Another great resource from 1-2-3 Homeschool 4 Me, these Alphabet Letter Find Sheets are great for teaching letter recognition with both upper-case and lower-case letters!

Alphabet Book Cut and Paste Craft

This Alphabet Book Cut and Paste Craft is a fun little activity you can do with your child. It’s quite simple actually. Write each letter of the alphabet on a different sheet of paper and let your child cut out pictures from old catalogues and newspapers and paste the pictures with the appropriate letter. Use a binder and sheet protectors to make it into a simple book.  

Hammer a Letter

Hammer a Letter is an activity that is especially appealing to boys, it’s pretty simple, you just hammer a peg to make the outline of the letters on paper!

Highway Letters

These Highway Letter Cards are great for educational play time! Children can drive their cars along the highways to form different alphabet letters.

Similar Resources:

>> Highway Number Cards

>> Highway Letter Cards

>> Highway Shape Cards

Lego Letter Puzzles

Lego Letter Puzzles. The idea is simple – you build the outline of the letter, and then the child fills it in.

Alphabet Coloring Pages

Such cute Alphabet Coloring Pages featuring upper-case and lower-case letters, word associations and pictures. So great!

Hidden Letters & Numbers

These printable Hidden Letters and Numbers sheets are a fun way for the kids to work on their letter and number recognition. Grab a few crayons and start coloring to find the hidden pictures!

Hidden Picture Color By Letter

There are 26 pages in this Color By Letter pack – one page for each letter of the alphabet and on each page kids will be spotting both upper and lower case letters.

Here are some other (similar) color by letter printables:

Letters A - E, Letters F - J, Letters K - O, Letters P - T, Letters U - Z

Here are some more color by letter pictures . . .

>> Bunny

Hidden Color By Letter

These Hidden Color By Letter sheets are a fun way for the kids to work on their letter recognition. All 26 letters of the alphabet are available in Uppercase and Lowercase, and are completely free to download and print.

Color By Number Alphabet Letters

Color By Number Alphabet Letters. Some of these may be a bit too challenging for younger kids but they are just way too awesome to pass up. There are many benefits to color-by-number coloring pages. Color by number pages really help to teach children the importance of following instructions, the meaning of symbols, and the advantage of seeing things through to the end.

ABC Letter Mazes

This is a complete set of 26 mazes, one for each letter of the alphabet:

Mazes A - E, Mazes F - J, Mazes K - O, Mazes P - T, Mazes U - Z

Also take a look at these Lowercase Letter Mazes!

Alphabet Dot-to-Dot

Here are some nice dot-to-dot activity pages that work through the twenty-six letters of the alphabet . . .

>> Teddy Bear Dot-to-Dot

>> Airplane Dot-to-Dot

>> Truck Dot-to-Dot

>> Spring Chick

>> Dog House

>> Cute Little Kitten

eeBoo Alphabet and Numbers Matching Puzzle

I’m not in the habit of buying a lot of resources, since there is so much available for free online, but these puzzles are worth every penny!

>> Alphabet and Numbers Matching Puzzle

>> Preschool Colors Matching Puzzle

>> Opposites Matching Pairs Puzzle

The ABC Song

The traditional ABC song for Kids. I love how it goes through the entire alphabet two times, first showing all the capitol letters and then all the lower case letters. It’s very simple graphics, but pretty cute at the same time.

You may also like:

>> ABC Kids Alphabet Song

The Alphabet Adventure With Alice and Shawn the Train

The Alphabet Adventure is a cute little cartoon that was very well done. It take your child on a train adventure in search of all the letters of the alphabet. Along the way they learn the different sounds that each of the letters make and a few objects that begin with each letter.

More Shawn the Train Learning Videos

Shawn the Train’s Alphabet Song

This Alphabet Song goes alone well with the Alphabet Adventure video mentioned above. It basically takes all the letters and words taught in the video and makes a song out of them to help reinforce the lesson.

More Shawn the Train Learning Videos

Richard Scarry’s Best ABC Video Ever

Richard Scarry’s Best ABC Video Ever really is the best! It goes through each letter of the alphabet giving great examples of words that start with each of the letters. Very entertaining and fun. Kids love it!

M is for Monster Trucks

M is for Monster Trucks is a cute little video clip that teaches about the alphabet. Also check out the Learn ABC’s Monster Trucks video.

For more like this, here’s the GiggleBellies Preschool Learning Play List

Dave and Ava Phonics Song

This Phonics Song is great for reinforcing the alphabet, letter recognition, and the sounds that each letter makes. Cute animation too!

Patty Shukla Phonics Song

This Phonics Song is great for learning the letter, sounds, words that go with each letter, and even some sign language too!

Alphabet Phonics Song

This Alphabet Phonics Song is pretty cute!

Phonics Song by the Preschool Prep Company

This Phonics Song is a little more advanced than most in that it gives all the sounds that the letters make (several of the letters make multiple sounds!).

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>> Learn the Alphabet with Construction Vehicles

>> The Animal Alphabet Song

>> Blippie: Alphabet Boxes

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YouTube: Spelling English Words (HooplaKidz)

Spelling English Words. When your kids are ready to move beyond just the alphabet letters and alphabet sounds, here’s a great video series that starts them off with spelling words! HooplaKidz Spelling English Words

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

For even more alphabet resources, check out our Letter of the Week activities, which contain activities and resources specific to the individual letters of the alphabet!

Click on a Letter Below to Start Exploring!

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Take a look at my Early Learning Organizing page to see how I use the letter of the week themes as a way to plan and organize our homeschooling curriculum!