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My Favorite Resources

I have a lot of favorites (far too many to list all on one page), but if I had to

choose the “best of, the best, of the best” these would be my ultimate favorites:

Journaling Bible (ESV) – A single column, hardcover Bible with extra wide margins for note-taking. The pages are also thicker than a standard Bible, making it perfect for Bible Art Journaling.

The Word in Color – An adult coloring book filled with pages of uplifting scripture art to meditate on as you color.

The Psalms in Color – An adult coloring book featuring the Psalms, lots of beautiful illustrations color as you meditate on the scriptures.

Colorful Blessings: Cards to Color and Share – A beautiful box filled with 4-1/4 x 3-1/4 inch cards, each containing a scripture verse and a beautiful illustration to color.

Amy Shreve – Beautiful, soothing, and inspiring worship music. Amy Shreve is one of my favorite artists, though she is not so well known. She plays a number of stringed instruments, including the harp. I especially like her earlier albums:

Harp & Willow, Haven, and I Am His and He is Mine.   

I have way too many favorite artists to be able to list them all . . . but some of

my top favorites include: 4Him, Casting Crowns, Chris Rice, Fernando Ortega,

Keith & Kristyn Getty, Laura Story, Phillips, Craig & Dean, Rich Mullins,

and Steven Curtis Chapman,

To save space on this page, I am listing all my top favorite sermons HERE

The Bible App for Kids Storybook Bible

I searched long and hard to find a good Children’s Bible, and after trying several different options (most of which were sad disappointments) I finally came across this gem! This Children’s Bible is very well done! The pages are full color with beautiful illustrations. The animals are especially intriguing for children and very expressive which adds a lot of fun to the storytelling. The stories are detailed enough for the children to get a good idea of what is going on, but short enough that you can flip through the pages pretty quickly to keep the interest of a child who has a short attention span.

Bible App for Kids

You got to love the age of technology! You can download this FREE Bible App that has several beautiful Bible stories that kids can animate and interact with. My daughter just loves pushing the different parts of the screen to animate the stories. Of course, when we read the Bible storybook that was produced by the same company, my daughter actually tries to push the pictures on the pages of the book and seems a bit confused about why the pictures in the book don’t move and make noise when she pushes them :-)

Illustrated Children’s Bible – The pictures in this book are absolutely amazing! And the stories themselves go more in-depth than the average children’s Bible while still being easy to understand. It also includes a lot of the “minor” stories that most children’s Bibles leave out.

G.T. And the Halo Express – I grew up listening to these on cassette and was so excited to find that they have finally been put on CD’s and are available for purchase once again. These are the best! The stories and songs are catchy, fun, and highly entertaining. And the best part – all the songs are direct quotes from scripture, so your kids can memorize Bible verses at the same time!

For more resources see my article: Does Your Child Know Jesus?

Bullfrogs & Butterflies (Agapeland) – I listened to these songs when I was a child and I’m eager to get my kids started in listening to them as well. These Agapeland songs will get your kids singing along, praising the Lord and learning valuable lessons for life.

Hide ‘em in Your Heart (Steve Green) – The music on these CD’s is really great for getting kids familiar and engaged in the scriptures. Each track starts out with a short devotion and a Bible passage, then that same passage of scripture is put to music. The songs are very appealing to children and the lyrics are direct quotes from scripture so as the kids sing along and learn the songs they are memorizing Bible verses at the same time!

Scripture Lullabies – Beautiful, soft lullaby music for children of all ages. These songs do not quote scripture word for word, but they do expose children to the promises in scripture and lull them to sleep with wholesome and encouraging words.

Joni: Harps and Halos – Very entertaining story and songs all featuring our home in Heaven.

Joni: What’s It All About – Fabulous, fun songs about God!

Read and Share Bible DVD

This is one of my favorite Bible movies for children. It is very simple, very calm, but also very well done. I especially love all the bright colors and the fun animals. The stories are short and concise, using very simple language that children can understand while still upholding the message and essence of the stories. It skips a lot of detail and really just covers the basics, but for a young child who is just learning the names of the different Bible characters and how they fit into the story as a whole, this is perfect (we can always go into more detail later).

Spot – The Spot videos are based on the children’s books by Eric Hill. They are perfect as a “first video” for infants and toddlers. Our favorites are: “Discover Spot”, “Spot and His Grandparents Go to the Carnival”, and “Spot’s Magical Christmas”.

Hermie and Friends – A really cute DVD series that teaches Biblical principles and Christian character. Fun, entertaining, and instructive. I like these movies even better than veggie tales!

The Music Machine – Another great DVD that teaches Biblical lessons in a fun and entertaining way. The songs are especially catchy, and the kids will soon be singing along.

Benny’s Biggest Battle – This is a less commonly known DVD, but it is the sequel to “The Music Machine” and even better (in my opinion). Kids learn about the fruits of the spirit – especially self-control!

Agapeland Character Builders – These short videos are told in a story-book format with mainly still pictures or a little “cheap” animation. But what the films may lack in flare and special effects it makes up for in content. Great Biblical lessons for kids and engaging stories that entertain well.

Winnie the Pooh 123’s (learning numbers and counting) – This is a great movie for teaching about numbers and counting. I used to let my daughter watch this quite frequently (nearly every day) and by her second birthday she could count from 1-10. I would NOT recommend the ABC video in this series though. That was a disappointment. I expected she could learn her alphabet through watching the video, but it wastes too much time trying to teach kids about rhyming words that it failed to teach the alphabet. I definitely recommend the counting video, but not the ABC’s video.  

The Scarlet Pimpernel – Great actors, great costumes and sets, and a fantastic plot! This version of the Scarlet Pimpernel is an old classic, but still one of the best films ever made!

The Scarlet and the Black – Also known as the “Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican”, this movie is set during WWII and tells the tale of a man who could not turn a blind eye to the needs around him, but rose up to do all he could to help as many as he could. A true story!

The Young Victoria – Resolved to establish her authority over those who rule in her stead, a young and inexperienced Queen Victoria draws strength from the love of Albert, the handsome prince who’s stolen her heart. Based on the courtship and early reign of England’s longest-serving monarch, “The Young Victoria” is a majestic tale of romance, intrigue and power.

Princess of Thieves – The story of Robin Hood’s daughter, starring Keira Knightley. This is a pretty popular movie, and for good reason, everything about it intriguing and great!

Ever After: A Cinderella Story – This movie tells the Cinderella story so well and in such a way that you might almost be convinced that it were true and not just a made up fairytale. The acting is great, the costume and sets are amazing, the plot is intriguing, and the humor in this movie is fantastic!

The Slipper and the Rose – I was so excited to find this movie back in circulation and finally out on DVD! I’m not usually a fan of musicals, but this one has some of the best songs I have ever heard and the plot has it’s own unique twist to the familiar Cinderella story.

Pride and Prejudice – My favorite version of this old time classic!

Intercessory Prayer (by Dutch Sheets) – This book is my all time favorite! It completely changed the way I think about prayer, and has had a lasting impact on my prayer life. I would highly recommend this book!

The War for Mansoul – a John Bunyan classic retold by Ethel Barrett.

Princess in Calico – Caught in a home situation of hardship, drudgery and ugliness, Katura is unexpectedly given the freedom for which her sensitive spirit longs. She blossoms in her new environment and also meets a friend whose influence changes the entire course of her life. Katura's choice in a difficult situation , and the events that follows her decision, lead the reader through experiences that stir the heart and challenge the personal, unselfish commitment of everyone who calls himself a dedicated child of God.

Set Apart Mothernood: Reflecting Joy and Beauty in Family Life (by Leslie Ludy)

The Set Apart Woman: God's Invitation to Sacred Living (by Leslie Ludy)

For more listings of favorite books check out the following links:

>> Favorite Inspirational Books

>> Favorite Books on Marriage

>> Favorite Books on Parenting & Families

>> Favorite Homemaking Books

Where’s Spot (by Eric Hill) – This is a perfect “first book” for babies and toddlers. The pictures are simple but very bright and colorful. The text is kept to a minimum, and is fairly repetitious (which young kids always like). It also contains flaps to lift up, which is also a big hit for toddlers especially. And unlike most other flap books,  these flaps are actually very easy to glue back on when the kids rip them off (which  is inevitably going to happen at some point!). There is an entire series of Spot  books, and they are all fantastic . . . but I would say the “Where’s Spot” book is  the best one to start out with.

Peek-a-Who (by Nina Laden) – A really cute “peek-a-boo” book for babies, with cut-out slots on the pages to peek through and a mirror at the end of the book for the babies to see themselves. The only thing I don’t like about this book is that one of the pages has a green ghost-like creature, but it’s easy enough to pretend its a germ or something like that. Otherwise we just move on to the next page without drawing too much attention to that one.

That’s Not My Kitten (Usborne Touchy Feely) – This book comes in two different options: hardcover or board book, I recommend the hardcover version. The pages of the hardcover book are still thick and “board-like” which is great for babies, and they are bigger than the official board book with better textures for baby to feel! Our daughter also really likes the “That’s Not My Pony” book (there’s a whole series of these books to choose from!).

Love You Forever (by Robert Munsch) – Such a beautiful book! The pictures, the lyrics, the message . . . this is one of the best books I have ever seen. I grew up with my mother reading it to me and I, in turn, read it to my children, and I expect one day in the distant future my children will be reading it to their children. It is a book well worth passing on.

Adam Raccoon; Parables for Kids Series (by Glen Keane) – These are the BEST books ever! Children of all ages enjoy the stories and pictures in this series. They are fun and exciting, while at the same time teaching great Biblical lessons that will impact the lives of your children. You will want to collect them all and will  likely find yourself like I did – wishing there were even more of these books than  there are!

Are You My Mother (by P.D. Eastman) – A fun, engaging story about a baby bird who is looking for his mother. I started reading this book to my toddler and she loves it. It is also an easy enough read that when she’s old enough to start reading on her own it will be a great resource then as well.

Go, Dogs, Go (by P.D. Eastman) – An all-time favorite children’s book. Your kids  will be asking you to read this book to them again and again. Great for toddlers who are learning basic words (colors, comparisons, up, down, over, under, etc) and great for children just learning how to read.

The Little Lost Sheep (by Marilyn Lindsey) – I was so glad to find this book back in print. It is an old classic tale about a little lamb who strays from the fold and gets lost until the good shepherd comes and finds him and takes him back to his mother. A really cute book with beautiful pictures and a great way to introduce Jesus as being our Good Shepherd.

Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners – When our first child was born I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers but I really don’t like using diaper pins. A friend of mine introduced me to these Snappi fasteners and I absolutely love them! They are so quick and easy to fasten on or off and actually hold really well. Granted, I have come across some cloth diaper fabrics that they do not work well on, which is why I  stick to a particular brand of cloth diapers as well (see below).

OsoCozy Prefold Cloth Diapers – These are the best cloth diapers I have ever used! Soft, durable, and very absorbent. Comes in two different sizes to fit babies from 7 - 30 lbs. I typically add an extra insert inside the diaper, just for added absorbency. I fasten the diapers with the Snappi fasteners and then use a simple diaper cover over them to keep in the moisture/mess.

Flip Cloth Diaper Cover – When it comes to diaper covers, these are the best! They are just the simple polyester cover. They have elastic around the waist and legs and fasten with simple snaps. They do not come with any inserts and do not have any “pockets” for inserts. Most diaper covers you get require custom sized inserts to use with the covers, and I always find them very annoying to match up and assemble. These are just a simple cover that you can put over any cloth diaper or use with any diaper inserts of your choosing. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Paladin Diaper Rash Cream – This cream is getting harder to find but it is definitely the best when it comes to diaper rashes. It has powerful soothing properties that take effect immediately upon application. It also heals the skin very quickly. You will notice a difference within the hour! Seriously, there is no better treatment for diaper rash than this!

Burt’s Bees Diaper Rash Ointment – The Paladin cream mentioned above is definitely my favorite, but this rash ointment is not too far behind. The one advantage this product has over the paladin is that you can find it locally in the stores, where as the Paladin usually has to be ordered online. It works really well, but I have noticed more of a delay between the time I apply it and the point in which my baby seems to find relief from the pain of the rash. With Paladin the relief is almost instant, where as this one takes a couple minutes to really start working.

Orajel Naturals Teething Gel – This teething gel is all natural with no added chemicals or dyes. It also works really well for soothing the gums. It doesn’t have the weird synthetic smell that other ointments have, and actually has a pleasant taste. The same company also has a night-time formula which works really well in soothing the child and giving them relief all night long.

Infants’ Tylenol – Great for teething, earaches, or reducing fevers. Very gentle on the  stomach (unlike some pain medications). Comes with a syringe for accurate measuring. My daughter is partial to the grape flavor and never gives a fuss or puts  up any resistance about taking it.

Floaties Swim Seat – This swim floater is great for babies and toddlers. I’ve tried other floaters for infants but this one is definitely the best. I just never felt completely comfortable having my baby supported by other floating devices, there just always seemed to be some aspect of them that scared me as a mother. With some floaters the child is not supported well enough that you think they might fall out. In others, the floater is so tipsy that you expect it to flip over at any moment. And most floaters have very small seams where the pieces connect that the braces have actually been known to break causing the child to fall through.  

This floater is different than all the others, and had my complete confidence from the beginning. It is very well made with quality plastic. There are multiple “tubes” to inflate, which means if one were to deflate for whatever reason the child would still be supported by the others. The floater is also a square shape, instead of round, which I love – the square shape gives it added stability to prevent tipping. It also has wide seams that are securely fastened, so you can be sure that it will hold the weight of your child even as your child grows. And, the child sits deep into the tube, which holds them firmly with good support so that even a child who can’t yet sit on their own is still able to sit well in this floater. All in all, it is the best design I have ever seen, and highly recommend it to others!

Happy Baby Organic Puffs – I don’t normally buy special “baby food” products, but someone gave us a pack of these organic puffs as a gift and I absolutely loved them! They are perfect for babies who are just getting started with solid foods. Easy to pick up. Melts in the mouth. No mess. No choking. Very little sugar. I would certainly buy them again and definitely recommend them to others!

Happy Baby Organic Yogis – Freeze dried organic fruit and yogurt drops that melt in your baby’s mouth. A great first snack for babies just learning to feed themselves. A nutritious snack. Easy to pick up. Melts in the mouth. No mess. No choking. Very little sugar. These were definitely a favorite snack for our baby. A great distraction before a meltdown gets out of control. Also great for taking on long trips since they’re not at all messy but help distract a child whose getting antsy in the car.

Kushies Taffeta Waterproof Training Pants – These are a life saver when it comes time to potty train. These training pants have an absorbent cotton lining on the inside, giving the child the feel of having “real underwear”. The outside is nylon, which helps a lot in preventing messes when the child has a minor accident. I say “minor” because some people complain that these do not hold in enough moisture to use overnight. They’re not meant to. If you want to use them as an over-night training pants I would suggest adding inserts inside to increase the moisture absorbency.


Emerita Progesterone Cream – This is the only brand of Progesterone Cream I would use. It works extremely well (better than all the other progesterone products) and it doesn’t contain all the added chemicals that are often found in other products.

One-a-Day Petites – I have always had really great results with the One-a-Day supplements. The combination of vitamins and minerals it contains is really good and the dosage of each is more fitting to what I need than most other multi-vitamin products. The only thing I didn’t like about the One-a-Day brand is that their pills were just so big and hard to swallow. So I was really thrilled when they came out with this “Petites” version of the product. The pills are half the size of the original ones, which also means you have to take “two-a-day” instead of “one-a-day”, but the fact that they’re easier to swallow makes all the difference for me!

Oreganol – Best product ever for treating candida, thrush, and other fungal infections common to women.

Wacoal Women’s Intimates – Wacoal has a particular line of lace bras that are by far the most comfortable (and beautiful) I have ever come across. They also have a matching nightgown that is slightly transparent and very lovely!

Glad Rags – Great products for a woman’s menstrual period. Cloth pads, panty liners, menstrual cups, natural tampons, and more. These products are all reusable which will save you money. Also really great, durable quality!

Sea Pearls Sponge – These sea sponges are typically used as natural, reusable tampons; but what I prefer to do with them is cut them into smaller, flat “disk-shape” pieces and use them to contain the “mess” if having sex during my menstrual cycle. Just get the sponge a little wet before inserting. It works great. You can also use the same “disks” in combination with a contraceptive gel during your time of fertility as a mild contraceptive measure.  

Saliva Hormone Test Kit – This is a hormone test that you can order online and take at home, then you just mail it in to the laboratory and they send you the results. This particular kit tests 5 different hormones that are critical for women’s health. I have used it twice and have found it to be a most helpful DIY product.

What to Expect When You're Expecting (by Heidi Murkoff & Sharon Mazel) -- A best seller book with just about every topic you would want to know when pregnant.

Wondfo Pregnancy Tests (25 count) – These are very basic pregnancy tests but they have always been accurate for me and you just can’t beat the price! For what you would normally be paying for 3 tests, you can get 25 test strips in this bundle, so you can test as early and as often as you want without feeling like you’re wasting precious dollars on shear curiosity.

Prego Maternity Swimsuit – It can be extremely hard to find a nice maternity swimsuit, especially one that will last all the way through the third trimester. When I first purchased this one and tried it on I knew I had discovered a gem. It is comfortable, stylish, and fits very well in every stage of pregnancy.

Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes – Great product if you suffer from acid reflux during pregnancy. Papayas and Pineapples both contain enzymes that help to reduce heartburn and acid reflux. It works best if you take it consistently every day, as it does not provide instant relief but rather requires time to build up in your body. For  quick relief take a tablespoon (or capsule full) of baking soda. The baking soda  works quickly but doesn’t last, the papaya & pineapple enzymes work slowly but  have longer lasting effects.

Gentle Birth Formula – I will not go through a birth without using this product! It is a natural, herbal tincture that you start taking around 35 weeks. It strengthens the uterus to prepare for birth, it helps the labor contractions to be more productive during labor, it helps shorten the amount of time you spend in labor, it helps your cervix to be able to dilate further before discomfort is felt, and it helps to prevent hemorrhaging and to speed recovery after the birth. When I used this product for my last pregnancy, the nurses were amazed at how quickly the labor progressed. I was only in labor for 11 hours with my first child, and only 4-1/2 hours of intense labor. Compared to what “first time births” are typically like for women, mine was actually a lot shorter and easier than it “should” have been. And after hearing many other similar testimonies I am convinced that this product had a lot to do with it!

After Ease – Contractions and cramps still continue even after the labor, as the uterus works to shrink back down to its normal size. Most of the time these contractions should just be uncomfortable at best, but often times they can be quite painful. After Ease is a natural, herbal tincture that helps to relieve the pain of these cramps and contractions. This is not a pain killer medication and does not kick in right away when you take it. The herbs in this formula take time to build up and work in the body, so it works best if you take it consistently, multiple times a day.

Paladin Ointment – This cream is typically used as a diaper rash ointment for babies, but I found it to be very helpful and extremely soothing after childbirth. To apply the ointment, I just put a small amount directly on the maxi pads (since I was reluctant to touch or wipe the skin). The ointment was extremely soothing, worked instantly for giving relief, and helped minimize irritation from the pads.

Oral Vitamin K for Newborns – A great alternative to the Vitamin K injection. You can purchase the product at this website, but it also contains a lot of great information for expecting mothers, which I really appreciate!

Torro Ant Killer – There are a lot of ant killer products out there, but in my experience this one works the best! The unique thing about this product is that it does not kill the ants too quickly. It attracts ants of every kind with a sweet sugar formula, but it is slow-acting on purpose so that the ants will have time to take it back to their colony to share it around. In working slower like this, it ends up killing of the entire colony of ants and not just the individual ants who find it. It works great!

Interlocking Rings Embroidered Bed Sheets – These are my favorite bedsheets, they’re not too expensive, but the color selection is great. I have tried several of their different colors and after the first washing the dye no longer bleeds. This is even true of the deep burgundy colored sheets – typically red bed sheets bleed a lot, but these don’t!

L’Oreal Paris Nail Polish - I really love the l’Oreal brand of nail polish. It goes on very smoothly, has a sleek finish, and the colors are just beautiful! I’ve also noticed that one little jar lasts a lot longer than some of the cheaper brands I’ve tried, so you get more use for the money. I especially like the “I’m In Love - Pink” color!

F.A.S.T Shampoo & Conditioner for Hair Growth – I had really long hair when I was younger, but then in my mid-teens I decided to cut it short. Since then it just never grew the same, it would only grow to a certain length and never any further. Then I came across this product and used it a couple times a week over the period of 6 months. That did the trick. Now my hair grows at it’s normal rate again. I have since stopped using this product since I don’t feel like I need it anymore. It was just needed for a season to give my hair the added “boost” it needed to start growing again.  

Thieves Toothpaste – This toothpaste is all natural with no fluoride and no synthetic ingredients added. The same product line sells natural Mouthwash as well. Using these products together is a great way to promote oral health.  

Remineralization Kit for Tooth Enamel & Mineral – Prevents continued loss of tooth enamel, strengthens teeth, stabilizes cavities from further deterioration, and promotes an alkaline pH in the mouth. Kit includes tooth powder, mouthwash, and remineralization liquid. All natural products!

Charcoal (by Source Naturals) – I always keep this product on hand and highly recommend that others do the same. It saved my life once when I had internal poisoning, and it has saved us great discomforts many times since. Charcoal has an amazing ability of adsorbing (attracting and holding to its surface) gases, liquids, chemicals, and dissolved substances. It’s the first thing our family takes whenever we have upset stomach. Most often it is enough in itself to relieve the stomachache, especially ones caused by something you ate. For stomachaches related to an illness (such as the flu) we use it along with tummy rub oil and immune boosters.

You will especially want to keep this product on hand if you have small children in your house, if they ingest any chemicals or get into the medicine cabinet and ingest something they shouldn’t, start giving them lots of charcoal and water . . . it helps adsorb all the dangerous chemicals/poisons and helps them pass right through the digestive system with minimal damage.

Just don’t take charcoal at the same time as taking other medicines, since it will adsorb the other medicines and cause them to be ineffective. Always wait at least 15-20 minutes after taking charcoal before you take any other product or medication!

Tummy Rub Oil – A natural, herbal product with an olive oil base. Great for upset stomachs. Just rub a little on the tummy. If you use this product externally while taking charcoal or some other product internally, you can reduce the pain of a stomachache pretty effectively.

Odorless Garlic (by Nature’s Bounty) – Garlic has so many healing properties and is an incredible product for boosting the immune system and fighting off infections. The only downside to garlic is the “garlic breath” that lingers long after you take it. That’s where this product is really nice. It really is odorless, so you can have the same benefits of taking garlic without repelling your friends and family with a repulsive odor.  

Otisol Ear Cleaner – This product is amazing! It actually helps to dissolve the earwax and help clean out the ears. I always use this product at the same time as using eardrops whenever treating an earache. I put this product in the ear first, wait a minute or so and then add mullein eardrops.

Mullein / Garlic Ear Drops – Natural ear drops, containing mullein, garlic, calendula, st. john’s wort, and olive oil – all of which contain great healing properties for earaches.

Dr. Christopher’s Tissue and Bone Ointment – This stuff really works! It contains comfrey root (among others), which is an herb that is incredibly useful in healing bones. You apply the product topically multiple times a day, the products absorb through the skin and work to speed up the healing of the inner bones and tissues. Just don’t use this product on a broken bone that has not been x-rayed, you want to make sure the bone is set properly before you start applying this stuff, otherwise if the bone fuses together wrong you’ll great a bigger problem that will be hard (and painful) to correct.

TheraFlu Nightime – If you’ve got a sever cold, flu, or congestion, this product is a  life saver! I don’t use it a lot, but every once in a while you get one of those nights  where you just can’t sleep because of congestion or flu symptoms. This product is  pretty powerful. I suggest just taking half of the suggested dose, that is usually  enough to relieve symptoms, clear up congestion, make you drowsy/sleepy, without  any kind of hangover or groggy/drugged feeling the next morning.

Normally I purchase the cheaper “off-brands” of over-the-counter products, brands such as Equate are usually very comparable to the name brand products, but when it comes to TheraFlu I actually found that the off-brands just don’t quite live up to the original product. In my opinion, it’s worth paying that a little extra for the real thing.  

Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants (by DK Publishers) – Great book for beginner herbalists. Beautiful, full-color pictures. Great information written in a way that is concise and easy to understand. Also includes information on planting, harvesting, and preparing plants to be used as medicine.

Natural Remedies Encyclopedia (by Vance Ferrell) – This book has a lot of natural remedies for a wide assortment of diseases and disorders. Most of the remedies suggested in this book are everyday household items or common (easy to find) herbs and supplements. The book is easy to read and make sense of and the information given in the book is priceless! Every household should have a copy of this book!

Fear Cancer No More (by Mauris Emeka) – This is a book that I have found to be extremely helpful and informative on the whole issue of cancer. It addresses the whole question of what cancer is, and explains it in layman’s terms so that even the average person with no medical training can understand what exactly goes on in the body when cells “become cancerous”.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die (by Karol Truman) -- Emotions go a lot deeper than we often realize. Both positive and negative emotions produce chemicals in our bodies that directly affect our health for good or bad. This book looks at the effects of unresolved emotions in a supportive, common-sense, results-oriented approach.

A More Excellent Way (by Henry Wright) -- When we need spiritual help we turn to our pastors. When we need emotional or mental help we turn to a psychiatrist. When we're sick we turn to a doctor. But science has proven that all three are very closely connected, so is it any surprise that in Old Testament times God appointed the priests to address all three categories of need together? This book takes a Biblical look at health as a whole, helping you grow in medical knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons – The English language is very confusing to learn to read, there are so many phonetic rules and then so many “exceptions” to those rules. Most early readers do a great job of teaching the kids basic phonics, sounding out words, and rhyming. But this book does a great job of all these things while also bridging a major gap in the educational system and helping the children learn to read any words in spite of whichever confusing rules they follow or which phonetic rules they may break. A unique method for teaching a child to read, but one that gives great results in a short period of time.


What in the World? Audio Series (Diana Waring) – A dynamic look at history and the Bible. Diana Waring is one of my favorite speakers. She is fun, entertaining, and highly informative in her lectures. There is so much information packed into these audio lectures that you could listen to them over and over again and always get something new out of it. I especially like Diana’s approach of looking at history through the lens of scripture, showing how all of history centers around God and His chosen people, the Israelites. When you’ve finished the “What in the World?” series, I’d also encourage you to look into the “That’s Why They Call it Grace” tapes featuring the history of the church.

Canon PIXMA MX922 All-In-One Printer – Are you tired of spending a fortune on printer ink? This is the printer to get! It does FANTASTIC quality prints – even professional looking, borderless photos. The color ink cartridges are each separate so you don’t have to throw away the entire color cartridge when you run out of just one of the colors. The ink cartridges last quite a long time and certainly give you your money’s worth. Plus, you can buy generic ink cartridges to use in the printer instead of the name brand . . . they work just as well and are SO affordable! I can’t praise this printer enough. It prints, copies, scans, faxes. You can use it wirelessly if you want. And if you keep an eye on ebay sales you sometimes buy it for as low as $60.

Compatible Ink Cartridges – This ink is compatible with the above Cannon Pixma printer and comes to about $1.20 per cartridge. Yes, you read that correctly – $1.20 per cartridge!! This is a set of of 28 cartridges, including 12 large black cartridges, 4 smaller black cartridges, 4 cyan blue, 4 magenta, and 4 yellow.

Canon Photo Paper Glossy 4 x 6 – We print a lot of photos and have tried a lot of different types of photo paper and this is the best! Affordable, great color, and you can use it in other types of printers as well, not just with it’s name brand.

Canon Photo Paper Glossy 8-1/2 x 11 – The same brand of photo paper as listed above, only this is the larger, full-page size.

Sony Compact Portable Speaker SRS-T33 – I’ve tried a lot of different portable speakers, and these are by far my favorite. The main reason is because they can give off sound even WITHOUT having any batteries. Of course, the sound is louder with the batteries, but it’s nice to have the economy option as well. The sound is also really good on these speakers. Nice and clear!  

Cozy Soft Fleece Headphone Headband for Kids – These headphones are like no other. They are soft, comfortable, and more like a headband than anything. I got these headphones for my 2 year old. She love music and with all the traveling we do it’s nice to be able to give her music to listen to on long trips. The best part is that these headphones are adjustable and made so they can continue to fit the child even as they grow.

WD Elements 2T External Hardrive – Who would have thought that 2 terabits of hard drive space could be so affordable! I’ve used this brand before and have been very pleased with it. It’s just a simple external hard drive. No bells or whistles. But it’s small, lightweight, and reliable. I’ve been using mine for several years now and it’s still running well.

Lenmar Battery Charger – We have bought this same charger a couple times and really like it. It can charge 8 batteries at a time and can do both AA and AAA. Comes with 8 AA Lenmar batteries, which are actually really good quality batteries, even though I prefer the Tenergy brand (see below).

24 Tenergy Rechargeable AAA Batteries – As missionaries, we work in a tropical climate where generally rechargeable batteries just do not last very long, but we have had really great success using this brand. They keep their charge really well and withstood a lot of usage and a lot of charges before they finally gave out a year later. One year of heavy usage in a tropical climate is really good! I can’t say from experience, but I would guess they would last even longer than if not in the tropics.

24 Tenergy Rechargeable AA Batteries – Same product as above . . . these just are just the AA batteries instead of the AAA.

Mixed Pack of AA and AAA Tenergy Rechargeable Batteries – If you want a smaller pack of batteries to start out with this is a great option. This mixed back includes 8-AA batteries and 8-AAA batteries.

Ebates – Interested in saving money on online purchases? Anyone who buys online needs to know about this site! It works just like normal rebates only with NO hassle. You don’t even have to remember to do anything with it . . . it just runs in the background of your Chrome browser, and when you’re on a site that qualifies for cash back it will pop up a simple notice and ask if you want to activate the rebate. That’s all. Ebates takes care of all the rest and even automatically deposits the funds into your account. I can personally testify that this is NOT a scam, it works, it’s great, and it’s so easy to use!

Pinterest – I usually avoid social media sites, but this is one that has proven to be a really great resource and one of my favorite sites. I get a LOT of ideas and inspiration from this site for crafts, home improvements, decorations, recipes, and so much more. Whatever your interests are, this site is a great place for brainstorming!

Playmobile – Some of the BEST toys ever! There’s something here for every child . . . dollhouse sets, princess & fantasy sets, farm yard, rescue workers, pirates, space, western, race car, dinosaurs, and more! (Note: they’re more affordable if you can find them used on Ebay)

Vintage Polly Pockets – They don’t make these anymore (the new Polly Pockets are NOT pocket size!) but these are definitely a favorite toy for girls. Lots of little parts, though, so better for girls around age 7-13, but with careful supervision even my 2 year old will sit and play with these for hours!

Eeboo Preschool Puzzle – Colors

Eeboo Preschool Puzzle – Alphabet and Numbers

Melissa & Doug Picnic Set – I really love this picnic basket set. Beautifully designed, and the dishes that come with it are a decent quality and cover all the essentials (plates, cups, spoons, forks, and knives – four of each). The basket is a nice size (approximately 12 x 7 x 9), not too small but not too big. The dishes fit in the basket well with plenty of room left for anything else you want to add (picnic blanket, play food, etc). I plan to make our own play food to add to the picnic basket (see DIY Food Toys)

V-Tech Little Apps Tablet – Since we live in a very technical age, I wanted my kids to have some exposure to electronic toys, but ones that would also be educational. I searched a long time to find “just the right one” and was very pleased with the purchase of this “tablet”.

I especially love that it has a little keyboard on it for playing music, and really appreciate the fact that the many games and apps on this tablet are geared towards a wide variety of ages, which means it won’t become obsolete anytime soon. It’s a kind of toy that can “grow with the children” – as they advance to higher levels they will be able to make use of the more advanced games, but until then they can enjoy the easier games, and the basics of making music and learning to count, etc.

Sheaffer Calligraphy Pens – A great calligraphy set for artists of any level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Includes 3 pens with changeable tips and replaceable ink cartridges.

Speedball Elegant Writer Calligraphy Markers – Acid Free, non-toxic markers with flat edged tips for calligraphy writing. Comes in assorted colors. Perfect for both beginner and experienced calligraphers.