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Free Printables for Thanksgiving

I recently put together this “Make-a-Scene” activity for my kids which features a fall landscape picture and several Thanksgiving characters that are kind of like “manual stickers” that can be cut out and glued onto the landscape.

The activity is pretty simple, just cut and paste, though I find it works best if you print the picture out on 8.5x11” photo paper or a heavier card stock paper. You should also leave a little bit of “white” around each of the stickers when cutting them out – it makes it easier for both cutting and pasting the images.

My 2-year-old son had fun making the above scene. He, of course, wanted to use all of the stickers, and really enjoyed lining up all the people in a row!

My 4-year-old daughter was a little more sophisticated in creating her scene (below) and chose her favorite character stickers to represent the different members of our family and illustrate a story she made up in her imagination.

I am making this printable available for free with no obligations and no strings attached. However, it does cost both time and money for me to develop these kinds of resources, so if you are able to pay something for the download that would be very appreciated, and would help to make it possible for me to continue developing more of these types of materials.

Click on the link below for the free PDF download:

>> Free Printable “Make-a-Scene” Activity Page

Here’s another free printable I like to use with my kids, it’s just a simple page with “fill in the blank” shapes for listing specific things that you are thankful for.

Since my kids are still pretty young and not writing yet, I just had them draw pictures of the things they are thankful for – but either way works, writing or drawing!

This activity sheet makes for a great placemat for Thanksgiving dinner, or just a fun activity to do with the kids (or even adults!). There are two different designs so you can choose between hearts or leaves, depending on your preference.

>> Thank You Worksheet (Hearts or Leaves)

Here are some other free printables I enjoyed doing with the kids this Thanksgiving:

>> Thanksgiving Mini Book

>> Cut and Paste Turkey Craft

>> Printable Pilgrim Booklet