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Crochet Projects & Patterns

Crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies. I especially like working with the finer threads to create lace work and doilies – and even more specifically multi-colored lace work.

But in spite of my obsession with lace crochet, I have branched out to other projects as well, and just love the fact that you can make just about anything with crochet.

Crochet Projects & Patterns on Pinterest

I have way too many “favorites” to post all on this page, and several of the projects are copyrighted by other crafters, so Pinterest has been an incredible resource for keeping track of all the project ideas and crochet patterns.

Make sure to check out my Pinterest Boards:

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Variegated Lace Doily

Sunshine Doily

Christmas Ornaments

Nickey’s Angel

Image Coming Soon!

Absolute Favorites!

The following patterns are not my own, so I have to be careful not to violate any copyright laws, so most of the links will take you to other websites where you can find the patterns.

I just had to list them here on my site, though, because these are by far my absolute favorite patterns! Many of which I have made multiple times and have sold at craft shows or given away as gifts.

Two Tone Doily

Raised Petal Doily / Coaster

nickey's angel

Daisy Delight

Romancing the Rose Doily


Dorothy’s Roses

Grape Doily

English Garden

daisy-delight romancing-rose

My Crochet Patterns

Over the years I have developed some of my own patterns. And since I have always appreciated crafters who share their patterns free of charge, I’ve decided that all my patterns would also be free. So, you are welcome to use any of my patterns to make your own creations. Only, please do not make changes to them or distribute them for profit. If you see any errors or changes that need to be made to any of the patterns, please let me know by email:

sunshine-doily variegated-lace two-tone-doily english-garden