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MeWe – Frequently Asked Questions

About MeWe

What is MeWe?

MeWe is a private social media networking platform, very similar to Facebook but with an emphasis on security, privacy, and freedom of speech. Unlike other social media sites, MeWe contains NO ads, NO Spyware, NO cookies, NO face recognition software, NO political agenda, NO tracking, and none of the “creepy” data collecting that is becoming very common in the world of Internet today.

Within the MeWe platform you have the options of linking or connecting to a very limited number of third-party services, but even then there are not many third-party services found on MeWe and the ones that are provided are merely offered as a convenience to you but are completely optional.

MeWe will never share your personal information with any third-party unless required by law to do so!

The creators of MeWe started this platform because they felt very strongly that it was wrong for any social media site to “target, track, spy, or sell” their members information. They wanted to create a social media network that provides all the benefits that people want in a social network, but one where they can truly feel safe and respected.

When Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook declared that privacy was a “social norm of the past”, Mark Weinstein, the CEO of MeWe, set out to prove him wrong!

On MeWe you can connect with family and friends, share photos, videos, and documents, chat or private message your contacts, join groups of like-minded people, host events, and share posts that keep your contacts in the loop on what is going on in your life – all without having to surrender your privacy rights the way you do on other social media networks!

What Does it Cost to Be a Part of MeWe?

It does not cost anything to join MeWe. Membership for individuals in completely free!

How Does MeWe Make Money If There are No Ads and Membership is Free?

MeWe has a “sister” site (MeWePro) that is specifically for businesses and organizations, and that site requires a membership fee for the organizations to use it, although nonprofit and educational institutes can use it for free. Charging organizations and businesses to use this Pro version of MeWe is the primary way in which MeWe is able to fund the platform they provide free for individuals.

MeWe also provides additional features and services for a small monthly fee to those who are interested in paying for them. These additional features are completely optional and include things like additional storage space, extra emojis, encrypted (extra private) chats, etc.

What Information Am I Required to Share in Order to Join?

There is very little information required when setting up a MeWe account. You simply give your first and last name, a valid email address, and confirm that you are 16 years of age or older. Apart from that any personal information you share is completely voluntary and optional.

How Old Do You Have to Be To Use MeWe?

MeWe requires that their members be at least 16 years of age.

Does MeWe Censor Anything?

No! You are completely free to be your “uncensored self” on MeWe. Unlike other social media sites MeWe has NO political agenda and does not watch or monitor your activity. MeWe does not spy on you or your content and does not remove or block any of your posts or activities.

The ONLY censorship that happens on MeWe is in the cases where they are “made aware” of illegal activity. This means that someone is literally breaking the law and violating the Terms of Services and someone reports their illegal activity to the MeWe team.

Since MeWe does not watch or monitor the content being posted by its users it is important for individual members to be aware of what is considered “illegal activity” and to report any illegal activity they encounter.

It is also important to note that even though MeWe does not censor content but leaves its members free to conduct themselves (legally) how they see fit, the Owners and Admins of groups do still hold the right to set rules and guidelines within their groups and to censor any content they deem inappropriate for the groups they manage.

Can I Delete My Account If I’m Not Happy With MeWe?

Yes! MeWe makes leaving and deleting your account possible and very simple! Just click on your avatar on the top right side of the page and from the drop down menu select “Settings”. In your settings area, under the “My Account” category you will see an option to “Delete My Account”.

If you are an “Owner” of any group you will not be able to delete your account until you have transferred the ownership of the group to a new owner.

Before deleting your account you may want to first look at the “My Cloud” space and see if there is anything there you want to save or download before you leave MeWe since everything you have ever posted to MeWe – all your pictures, videos, files, content, and posts – will be deleted with the deletion of your account!

Once you confirm your account’s deletion the decision is final – you cannot undo it and you cannot restore any of the data once the account is deleted.

Privacy and Security

What Makes MeWe Safe?

Privacy and security is the primary focus in everything MeWe does. In the very design and function of the platform it has been designed to keep the full control of your content in YOUR hands. You can share as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable with, and at any time you can pull up your “Cloud” and view all the content you have ever shared on MeWe (including content from way back) and edit or delete any of it. At any time you can download all of your content and delete your account which completely erases all the content and posts you have shared on MeWe.

MeWe does not use any cookies, face recognition software, spyware, and no tracking devices. They do not collect your data or share your information with any third party sites unless you, yourself, request it (such as in the case of connecting through Facebook, Twitter, etc to invite your friends to join MeWe).  

You can view their Privacy Policy online and as a member of MeWe if they make any changes to their Privacy Policy they will notify you of exactly what changes have been made so that you can review them and have the option of opting out and deleting your account if you do not like the changes they are making.

The thing that makes MeWe safe is the simple fact that it gives you FULL control of your own content and security.

It is important to note, however, that the same common sense that applies to the Internet as a whole still applies to MeWe and any other social media site: Don’t share anything that could jeopardize your safety!

It is NEVER a good idea to share your address, phone number, social security number, or any of your legal information that could put you at risk for security or identity theft. Be extremely careful about accepting friend requests from people you do not know personally, and careful about what you share in online chats or groups that include people you do not know.

MeWe is committed to keeping your information safe from being shared out to people or third party sites without your permission, but if YOU share content with people that would compromise your privacy or security there is very little that MeWe can do to provide any protection under those circumstances. MeWe puts the full control of your content in YOUR hands, but you still need to be wise in what you share, how you share, and with whom you share your information with.

For more information about MeWe and how it’s security compares to Facebook, I would encourage you to read some of the Press Releases regarding these two companies, you can find a good selection of them HERE.

What Protection Does MeWe Offer Against Cyberbullying?

If you are not familiar with the term “cyberbullying” it is a form of bullying or harassment that takes place over digital devices, especially through communication aps, chats, text messages, social media sites, and the like.

As a first line of defense, MeWe makes it possible for anyone to opt out of the member search to make it harder for strangers to find them. But even if you are listed in the member search, MeWe is designed in such a way that “strangers” (aka: anyone who is not listed as your contact on MeWe) can never see your personal information, who you are connected with, or any of the content you share in your MeWe account, it is only after you accept someone as a contact that they have access to any of the content you share – and even then you can restrict what different contacts see if you feel the need to do so.  

MeWe provides you with the ability to control what content your contacts are permitted to see in your account. At any time you can click on one of your contacts and adjust the “Contact Permission” box that appears on the right hand side of their profile page. In this box you can hide them so that you do not see anything that they post, or you can hide yourself FROM them by making it so they cannot see any of the content YOU post.

If a particular contact proves to be an issue you can always delete them from your contact list so you do not need to interact with them on MeWe any further, or even “block” them so that they are unable to connect with you on MeWe ever again.

If you encounter cyberbullying in any of the MeWe groups you are a part of you have the ability to report a given post to the Admin of that group, or contact the Admin directly to inform them of what is happening. Then, the Admin has the right to take action in deleting inappropriate posts, confronting the person who is causing the issue, or even deleting that person from the group so they cannot continue to cause trouble. If the Admin does not resolve the cyberbullying issues, you can leave the group at any time to prevent further interactions with the person who is harassing you.

If the degree of cyberbullying is to the scale of being illegal, or you suspect it might possibly be of a criminal nature you can report it directly to the MeWe team and they will act accordingly.

Is MeWe Able to Access My Email or Phone Contact Lists?

Yes, but only if you permit it! If you use the “Invite Friends to MeWe” option you are offered the convenience of allow MeWe to access your address books to make it quick and easy for you to send out invites.

There is also a “sync contacts” option that makes it possible for MeWe to access your address books and compare them with their database to automatically connect you with any contacts you have that are already on MeWe, or to inform you of any contacts you know who sign up and join MeWe.

At any time you can go to “My Contacts” and see if there is an “Uploaded” tab showing just below the search field. This “Uploaded” tab only appears if MeWe has contacts from your address book on record. You can click on the “Uploaded” tab to see all the contacts you have uploaded to the database and at anytime to you can delete these contacts and wipe the record clean.

Note: Access to email and phone contact lists is for your convenience only. MeWe does not collect this data and does not use it for any other purpose.  

How Can I Prevent People From Searching for Me on MeWe?

From your profile page, on the right hand side, there is a box titled “Privacy and Sharing”, from there you can check or uncheck the option to include your profile in the MeWe search.

Alternately you can go to “Settings” and click on the “Privacy and Sharing” category. Under “MeWe Search” you can check or uncheck the option to include your profile in the MeWe search.


How Do I Add Contacts?

If you know anyone who is on MeWe already you can run a basic search for their name and send them a contact request.

If you do not know anyone on MeWe, you will need to try and get some of your friends to join. You can use the “Invite New Friends to MeWe” button in the Contacts section of your MeWe account, but a better way of getting friends to join might be to send them a personal request or talk to them directly about the possibility of joining.

Can I Hide My Contact List?

If you do not want your contacts to be able to see who else you have listed as a contact you can just go to your profile page and on the right hand side you should see a box titled “Privacy and Sharing”, from there you can check or uncheck the option to allow your contacts to see your other contacts.

Alternatively you can go to “Settings” and click on the “Privacy and Sharing” category. Under “Contact List Visibility” you can select your preferences regarding whether or not you want your contacts to see your contact list or not.

How do I Follow or Unfollow Specific Contacts?

“Following” essentially means that you want to be kept in the loop whenever your friend posts something. When you accept a contact you will automatically be seeing everything they post right from your “home” screen.

Unlike Facebook, there are no advertisements or sponsored posts flooding your home screen, so all the posts you see in this section are coming directly from your contacts or from the groups you choose to be a part of.

If you want to “unfollow” any of your contacts (or you no longer want to see their content appear in your home screen) you can just click on that particular contact’s name to go to their profile page and from there you should see a box on the right hand side titled “Contact Permissions”. From there you can check or uncheck the option of seeing that contact’s posts.

You can do the same with any group you are a part of. If you decide to want to stay in the group but you would rather not see the group posts appear in your home screen you can simply go to the group settings and “Notifications & Preferences”, from there you can choose which notifications you receive for the group.


How Do I Tag a Friend or Contact in a Post?

To tag someone in a post you simply put in the @ sign followed by the person’s name (example: “@annonymous friend”), when you use the @ sign before any name, MeWe will bring up any of your contacts who match that name so that you can select which contact you want to tag in your post.  

Why Can’t I Post On My Friend’s Profile Page?

If you’re coming from Facebook then you’re probably very used to posting directly to your friends’ timelines or “walls”, but that’s not how it works on MeWe.

If you go to a friend’s profile page and try to “share” (or post) something there you’ll notice instead that MeWe creates a “Private Post” in a chat box that only you and that friend can see. The reason for this is that everyone on MeWe is responsible for the content on their own pages (this is part of MeWe’s commitment to keep the full control of your content entirely in your hands) – so you can’t add content to your friend’s profile pages and they can’t add content to yours (apart from “commenting” or “emojing”, that is).

So what is the MeWe alternative to posting on a friend’s timeline?

You have a couple different options here . . .

1) If you have something you want to share specifically with a certain friend or contact you can post it on YOUR profile page and use the @ sign to tag your friend in that post. They will see a notification that you tagged them in a post and will visit your profile page to view the content. They can then decide if they want to just comment on the post there on your profile page or if they want to “share” your post to their timeline so that all of THEIR contacts can also see it.

2) You can go to your friend’s page and “share” a post with them. This post will be sent to your friend as a “Private Post” in the chat box. If your friend decides they would like it to appear on their timeline they can then “share” the post to the timeline . . . The shared post will not show who the post was from, though, so WHEN they share the post (or when YOU share any Private Posts that friends send you) it would be a good idea to use the @ sign and tag the person in it, or to include a quick note giving them credit for it.

I know, this may be different than what you’re used to, and at first it may feel a bit “strange”, especially to anyone who is used to using Facebook and really enjoys posting on their friend’s timelines, but really, it’s just a slight difference that may take some getting used to, but the more you use MeWe the more you’ll get used to it and this “new normal” will start to feel natural to you.

Or, if you’re really not happy about this “missing feature” you can always send in your feedback to the MeWe team – perhaps if they get enough members giving feedback on this they might get around to adding it!

How Do I “Like” or React to a Friend’s Post?

Again, if you’re coming from Facebook then you’re probably looking for the “Like” button to react to your friend’s posts. MeWe doesn’t have a specific “Like” button because, unlike Facebook which limits you to only 6 possible reactions to a post, MeWe gives you access to the full emoji panel so that you can react to a post with whichever emoji best represents your true reaction.

So if you want to respond to a friend’s post with an image, a unique expression, or even a “thumbs-down” (which you can’t do on Facebook) – you can do that! Just click to add an emoji, choose whichever one best represents your reaction, and when you’re done your friend will receive a notification that you “emojied” their post!  

How Can I Prevent My Contacts From Sharing My Posts?

If you do not like your contacts sharing what you post, you can change your account settings to prevent sharing. Just know that this will prevent all your contacts from sharing any of your posts – there is currently no way to set the sharing options for individual posts.

To prevent you contacts from sharing your posts, go to your profile page and on the right hand side you should see a box titled “Privacy and Sharing”, from there you can check or uncheck the option to allow your contacts to share your posts.

Alternately you can go to “Settings” and click on the “Privacy and Sharing” category. Under “Sharing” you can select your preferences regarding whether or not your posts can be shared by your contacts or not.  

How Can I Turn Off Notifications for a Post?

If there is a post that you don’t want to receive notifications from just click on the menu button in the top right corner of that post, a drop down menu will appear with the option for enabling or disabling “Post Notifications”.

Photos and Videos

How Can I Change My Profile Picture or Background Image?

To change either your profile or background images simply go to the “My Profile” page and hover your mouse over the image you want to change. An image of a pen should appear, simply click on the image to edit the image. You can upload an image from your device or select an image from your MeWe Cloud.

Once you set up your profile and background images you cannot delete them to leave that area blank, but you can change the image to be something else, and you can change is as many times as you want without limitation.

Why Can’t I Tag My Friends in a Photo?

MeWe does not use any form of “face recognition” software, which is one of the many features that presents security risks on other social media platforms.

On MeWe, if you want to tag a friend in a picture you simply comment on the picture and use the @ sign to tag your friend in the comment.

How Can I Get a Picture That a Friend Tagged of Me to Appear in My Photos Section?

You can “share” your friends post to your own timeline and select a photo album to sort the picture into. You could even create a photo album specifically for “Shared by Friends” if you like, or if you miss Facebook’s feature of collecting and storing all the pictures of you in one location you could create a photo album specifically for holding your selfie pictures or any picture that has you in it.

How Do I Create a Photo Album?

There are a couple different options for creating a new photo album. The first (and possibly easiest) option is to simply upload your images in a new post, then select the menu bar in the top right corner of that post and from the drop down menu select the option to add these photos to an album. From there you will be able to put the pictures into an existing album or create a new album for them.

Another way to create a photo album is to go into the “photos/videos” section of your profile page, or even the “My Cloud” select of your account and in either location you can click the “albums” tab for your photos and videos and then click on the box that says “Create New Album”. You will then be able to upload the pictures you want in the album and give the album a name.

You can group both pictures and videos together in your albums!

When you create a new album, MeWe will also create a post for your profile page to inform your contacts about the new pictures you uploaded to share.

Can I Share My Photo Album With People Who Aren’t on MeWe?

No. As of yet, MeWe does not provide a direct link for sharing photo albums with anyone outside of MeWe.

If you would really like to see this feature added, feel free to send in some feedback and let the MeWe team know! MeWe is always looking for ways to improve their site and welcome feedback from their members!

How Do I Delete a Photo?

If you want to permanently delete a photo and no longer have it appear anywhere on your MeWe account you will need to locate that image in the “My Cloud” space and delete it directly from there.

If you delete an image from ANY other location in MeWe (from your profile posts, group posts, or albums) the image will ONLY be deleted from that location but can still be seen in “My Cloud” and in any other location where you posted that image. Only deletion directly from the “My Cloud” space will actually fully remove the image from your MeWe account.

When Posting a Video is There Any Way For It to Show an Image of What the Video is About?

If you’ve posted a video you’ve probably noticed that the video just shows as a black screen with a white “Play” button – not very appealing to friends. I’m pretty sure that in time MeWe will get around to making it so that the video will show an image of what the video contains to make it look more appealing, but for now you just need to add a good description of the video if you want to draw attention to it and get your friends interested enough to click on it.

If you really don’t like the “black out” look to the videos feel free to send MeWe some feedback and let them know! They’re always looking for ways to improve their site!

Files and Uploading Content

What is the Maximum File Size That I Can Upload to MeWe?

The largest sized file you can upload to MeWe is 500MB (this is true for both the free and paid accounts). This applies to every type of file (documents, video, pictures, audio files, etc), no single  file can exceed 500MB.  

How Much Storage Space Do I Have on MeWe?

MeWe gives you 8G of storage space for free, which can actually hold a LOT of pictures, videos, and files. If you do end up needing more storage space MeWe gives you the option of purchasing more.

What is the “My Cloud” Feature Used For on MeWe?

The "My Cloud" space on MeWe is a great feature that allows you to keep track of every picture, video, file, and post that you share on MeWe. Everything you have ever posted (even things you have shared in various groups) all gets gathered together and organized in this one area.

The "My Cloud" space makes it very easy for you to look back on everything you have ever shared, to find any content you have ever posted (even from long ago), and easily edit or delete any content as needed.

An important thing to note about your cloud space is the fact that any content you delete from anywhere else on MeWe (your profile page, albums, groups, etc) will NOT be deleted from your cloud, but will still stay in your cloud space incase you need it again later or want to keep it as part of your records to keep track of what all you have shared online.

If you want to delete something off of MeWe permanently you need to delete it directly from your cloud. Anything you delete from your cloud will ALSO be deleted from any other location where you have posted that same content!

Group Participation

Why Am I Asked to Set Up a Profile Whenever I Join a New Group?

For every group you join you have the option of setting up a unique profile image and avatar that will be used in that particular group. You can also “say something” to the group as a way of introduction to let them know a little about yourself.

These settings are completely optional (you do not HAVE to set this up in order to join a group). These are also completely editable. At any time you can click on your name from the list of group members and have the option to edit or delete your introductory message or change the image/avatar that you have designated for that specific group.

If you set up a unique profile for any given group you can only edit that profile from within that particular group’s platform. You cannot change your profile image and introductory message for multiple groups at the same time, you need to enter each group individually and make the changes for each and every group individually.

Note: If you do NOT set up an introductory message or a unique image/avatar for a group it will automatically default to reflect the same image you have on your main profile page. Any changes you make to your main profile picture will then also automatically be changed in the groups that are set to show that image by default.  

Is There a Way For Me to See ALL of the Posts I Have Made to a Group?

Yes! To see the complete list of all the posts you have made to a group first go to that particular group and select your name from the “Members” list or click on your profile/avatar image. This will open up a page where you can see your unique group profile, your user status, and all the posts you have ever posted to that particular group.

Note: This does NOT show ALL your activity in the group, it only shows the posts that you yourself have shared with the group – if you have commented on someone else’s post those comments do not show up in your activity log.

How Can I Leave a Group Chat?

There is not really a way to leave any chat, but you do have the option of being able to mute the notifications so that you won’t have to follow what is going on in the group chat dialogue.

How Can I Leave a Group?

You can easily leave a group at any time by going to the “Members” screen and clicking on the “Leave Group” option below your name.

Alternatively you can go to the group settings, and under the “Membership” category you will see the option to “leave this group”.

Group Ownership & Management

Why Isn’t My Group Showing Up in a Search?

Your group will ONLY appear in the directory if it has at least 5 members, which you can get by sharing your group’s invite link with your contacts.

Also, if your group is set to be “Private” it will not appear in the MeWe search since members can only join by invitation only. In order to have your group appear in the search you need to have it set as an “Open” (anyone can join) group or a “Selective” (Admin approves requests to join) group. You can edit these settings any time by going to the group settings, clicking on the “Membership” category and adjusting the settings on how members can join your group.

Notice, in this same settings area there is a box you can check or uncheck that says “Include this group in the MeWe directory to help people search for and join your group” – this box needs to be checked in order for your group to appear in a MeWe search.

Finally, your group needs to be “active” in order for it to appear in a group directory. If it has been a while since a new post was made to the group then the MeWe search will think your group is inactive and will not include your group in the directory, though it may show up in a search if someone specifically searches for key words associated with your group.

If your group WAS a part of the group directory but then your member count dropped below 5 members or your group was inactive for too long, you will receive a notification that your group has been removed from the directory along with details regarding what you need to do to get it added to directory again.

What Are the Differences Between Group Owners and Group Admins?

When you create a group you are automatically the group Owner and you will always continue to be the Owner of that group unless you specifically transfer ownership to someone else.

Group Owners have full control over the group, but they can assign other members of the group to be Admins who will help them in managing the group but with limited control.

Only the group Owner can change the group’s title, description, category, and privacy settings. The group Owner is also the only one who can transfer the group ownership to another member, delete the group, or block a member from being able to rejoin the group after they are removed.

Both the group Owner and the group Admins can “feature” or “unfeature” a post, delete member posts, remove members from the group, or adjust the amount of “permission” or “rights” a member has withint the group (of course, Admins can NOT adjust the status or permission rights of the Owner!).

The Admins in the group are assigned by the Owner for the purpose of helping the Owner manage the group. The Owner can, at any time, change the status of an Admin so that they become a normal (Contributor) member again.

How Do I Create Another Admin in My Group?

Under the list of group members you can select any member you choose to bring up their group profile and information. Click on the menu icon in the top right corner of their profile box, and from the drop down menu that appears there is an option to change the users status in the group under the heading “Default Permissions”.

MeWe allows up to seven Admins in a group, but only one Owner.

How Do I Transfer Ownership of My Group?

Go to the group settings and under the “General” settings tab scroll all the way down to “Advanced” and from there you should see the option to transfer ownership of the group to another member.

How Can I Delete My Group?

Go to the group settings and under the “General” settings tab scroll all the way down to “Advanced” and from there you should see the option to delete the group.

Can I Screen People Who Want to Join My Group?

Yes! MeWe allows you to ask up to 4 question of anyone requesting to join your group. You can create your own questions to help screen the people coming into your group to see if they fit into the specific “niche” that your group was created for. You can change these entry questions at anytime in the group settings.


How Can I Stop Getting So Many Emails from MeWe?

By default, when you join MeWe, you will automatically be “signed up” to receive email notifications for pretty much every activity on your account AND any updates and tips that MeWe sends out to their members.

If you do not want to get ANY email notifications from MeWe just go to your “Settings” area, click on the “Notifications & Alerts” category, and there should be an option there to switch off all email notifications.

If you only want to opt out of SOME of the email notifications but would still like to receive notifications for a few things, you have the option of choosing which types of notifications you receive by email and how frequently (daily, weekly, or none) you will receive these notifications. All that is in your “Settings” area under “Notifications & Alerts”.

If you are part of any groups you will NOT receive any email notifications from them if you have specified in your personal settings area that you do not want to receive ANY email notifications from MeWe. On the other hand, if you have left the option open for receiving SOME email notifications, then you may need to go to each individual group you are a part of, click on the group “Settings”, and under “Notifications & Preferences” specify which email notifications you want to receive for that particular group, or turn email notifications off for any groups you do not want to receive email notices from.

How Can I Stop Getting Notifications from a Group?

A very simple way of turning off ALL notifications for a specific group is to go to your personal “Settings” area and under the “Groups” category you will see a list of all the groups you are a part of along with tabs to turn notifications “on” or “off” for group alerts or group chats.

If you would like to receive SOME notifications from a group, but not all, you can go to that specific group and click on the group “Settings” tab. Under the “Notifications & Preferences” category you have the option of specify which notifications you would like to receive, if any. In this same area you can also choose which email notifications you receive from the group, if you have not fully turned off email notifications in your personal settings area.


I found the answer to several of the above questions just from trial and error, but also found some answers from the following sites:

* WeFunder – MeWe: The World’s Communication Network

* MeWe Frequently Asked Questions

* MeWe Knowledgebase

* MeWe Privacy Policy

* MeWe Terms and Conditions

* Is Building a Facebook Alternative Worth the Effort? MeWe Thinks So!