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The Power of a Song

I recently saw the movie “Alone Yet Not Alone” and have to say that I was deeply moved by the story! It is a true story, which makes it all the more moving and convicting to me.

If you’ve never seen it, I would highly recommend it!

It is a story about two sisters who get kidnapped by Indians. The thing that is most convicting to me, as a mother, is the fact that it was a simple song that helped to carry these girls through the struggles and to keep their faith strong. A song that they had learned by heart simply because their mother had sung it to them so many times.

The song itself is quite beautiful and I really want to learn it and sing it to my children as well. (Joni Erickson Tada has a beautiful recording of the song, which she sings in the credits of the movie – get it here!)

Through this movie I have really come to realize what power there is in singing to our children and teaching them songs that have deep and meaningful lyrics.

It is very common for romantic couples to have a “song of their own” – a special song that brings a special connection between them and inspires the feeling of “Hey, they’re playing our song!”. Well, I think it is important that every family have a song of their own as well.

I really like the song, “Alone Yet Not Alone”, but while I have every intention of teaching this song to my children if I had to choose a song to be our “family song” I would say that our family’s song is “Now the Light Has Gone Away”.

“Now the Light Has Gone Away” is one of my all-time favorites! It is a song that my family used to sing when I was growing up and one that I am passing on to my children.

The thing I love most about this song is that it is a prayer put to music; a beautiful prayer that can be sung at the end of the day. My children often fall asleep to the sound of my voice singing this prayer to Jesus.

Now the Light Has Gone Away
By Frances R. Havergal

Now the light has gone away
Father, listen while I pray
Asking Thee to watch and keep
And to send me quiet sleep

Jesus, Savior, wash away
All that has been wrong today
Help me every day to be
Good and gentle, more like Thee

Let my near and dear ones be
Always near and dear to Thee
Oh, bring me and all I love
To Thy happy home above

Now my evening praise I give
Thou didst die that I might live
All my blessings come from The
Oh, how good Thou art to me

Thou, my best and kindest Friend
Thou wilt love me to the end
Let me love Thee more and more
Always better than before