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Favorite Online Shopping Sites
I tend to do a lot of shopping online, and while I’m always open new and different things, I still find that I often return to the same places for shopping. Mainly because these sites offer great products for  a very reasonable price. I usually operate on a pretty tight budget, so I’m always on the look out for the cheapest price for quality items.

On this page I just want to share my absolute favorite online shopping websites, and a general idea of the items I purchase from each sites.


By using Ebates, you can earn cash back when you shop online.
It’s very simple to use and there is no hassle or headache involved.
Anyone who does a lot of online shopping needs to know about Ebates!

* Amazon. Amazon is by far the number one site that I use when shopping online. This is because in all my comparison shopping they are usually the ones who have the cheapest prices available (especially if you have amazon prime which gives free shipping – or if you’re okay with buying used items).

* JCPenney. This is my favorite place to buy swim suits! Their mix and match options are great and they have a lot of modest swim suit options, and you can often buy them on clearance which helps to make swim wear very affordable. In all their clothing options I have found their sizes to be very consistent. I always buy my swimsuits online and am usually very pleased with the fit. But if for some reason you are not pleased with the purchase their return process is very simple!
* Mikarose. "Reinventing Modesty" is the motto of this site, and I'd say they're doing a great job of it. Finally a site where you can buy MODEST clothes that are still VERY fashionable! Thank you Mikarose!
* Kohl’s. Most often at face value I find Kohl’s to be much higher than my budget line, but they usually have some really nice stuff so I keep an eye on their clearance items and occasionally come across some really great buys.  
* 6pm. Okay, confession, I have NOT actually purchased anything from this site as of yet, but I keep hearing about it from a lot of other sources so one of these days I’m going to take a closer look.
Other great sites for affordable clothes include: Old Navy,  H&M.

Health Products
* Mountain Rose Herbs. Great place for purchasing alternative health products. Good quality on dried herbs. Also all the accessories and products that are attractive to natural health fanatics like me!
* Amazon. I know I keep mentioning Amazon, but I can’t help it. They have a wide selection of products from a lot of different venders and their products are usually cheaper than other websites. My favorite brands are  Source Naturals, Nature’s Way, Nature Made, Spring Valley, Young Living, Aura Cacia,  

Woman’s Interests
* Glad Rags. Everything a woman needs for a healthy (and comfortable) menstrual cycle. Cloth pads, panty liners, menstrual cups, sea sponge tampons, and more! I’d encourage you to do some price checking, though, you can sometimes find the same products on Amazon for a lot less (plus free shipping if you have Amazon Prime).
* JCPenney. A great place to find affordable lingerie. They have nice matching bra/panty sets with a “mix and match” option to help you put together a set that really works for your style and preferences.  
* Amazon again . . .for buying intimates I really appreciate the customer reviews regarding the quality, fit, and level of comfort of bras, nightgowns, or other intimates. Wacoal and Shadowline are my favorite brands.

* Swap. I just recently discovered this site, and I’m so glad! Swap is a GREAT website for finding VERY affordable maternity and baby clothes! All used, but good condition, a wide selection to choose from, and you can’t beat the price!
* Destination Maternity. I especially like the maternity dresses on this website. Modest, beautiful, stylish, and reasonably priced.
* Fit Maternity. Workout clothes for expectant mothers.  
* Lactation Connection. All the essentials for breastfeeding moms. Some maternity clothes as well.
* Ebay. Since women only wear maternity clothes for a season you can often find some really good lightly-used maternity clothes for sale on Ebay. I found some really nice maternity maxi dresses on ebay for a really affordable price. You just have to be willing to be patient with the bidding.

Garden Seeds
* Parkseed. There are a lot of places for buying garden seeds, but I’ve just taken a personal liking to this site. They’ve always had exactly what I’m looking for, whether it be vegetables, flowers, herbs, and the website is easy to use with good pictures and very helpful information about each breed of plants to help you make the best decision for your particular garden zone and personal gardening preferences.

Craft Supplies
* Hobby Lobby. I absolutely love this store and I love that they have a shop online option as well.

Party Supplies
* Oriental Trading. This is my favorite site for ordering large quantities of items at very affordable prices. Great for weddings, birthdays, VBS, or any large group party or event.

* Christian Book Distributors. Great place for purchasing good Christian books! Also music, gifts, clothes, homsechool curriculum, and more. This is my favorite Christian shopping site!
* Usborne Books. These are, in my opinion, some of the BEST books out there! The only problem is that they tend to be expensive, so I usually look on this site to find great titles, etc, but then buy them used on Amazon or Ebay.

Toys & Games
* Timberdoodle. If you’re looking for toys that are unique, engaging, and perhaps educational too, Timberdoodle is a great place to look.
* Playmobil. These were always a favorite when I was a kid, and continue to be a great hit with kids today. You can also find them for sale in some stores, like Chalkboard, sometimes Walmart, and Farm & Fleet (during the Christmas season).
* Fisher Price. A little pricey, but great toys for infants and toddlers.