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Start Your Own Home Management Binder

Keeping the house and schedule’s organized is a top priority for many homemakers, and one of the best tools I have come across for achieving this is a home management binder.

A home management binder is a way to keep all the papers you need (and all the lists and charts you refer to often) all in one easy-to-use, easy-to-find, location, which will help you immensely in keeping your home running smoothly. It is a very simple thing to put together, and the benefits are beyond imagination!

When I first started using a home management binder, I could not believe how much easier it was to keep track of everything and how much easier it was to keep our home clean and organized. It is by far my favorite organization tool (and believe me, I have tried many!)

STEP 1: Gather Needed Supplies

First of all, gather all the supplies you will need:

* 3-ring binder (I would suggest starting with a 1-inch binder – you can always upgrade to a bigger one later)

* Clear, plastic page protectors

* Loose-leaf notebook paper

* Page dividers or tabs

* Printouts of charts (provided below)

STEP 2: The Cover

Before you start putting things in your binder, first take a moment to make it reflect something beautiful to you. You can use one of the following printable cover sheets or design a cover of your own.

The goal is to make your binder something that is appealing to you, that will reflect your heart for homemaking and not the overwhelming feeling of all it entails.  

Also consider making a cover sheet for each of the categories you will have in your binder. Here are some matching cover sheets that are blank, so you can write in them the name of each category you want in your binder:

STEP 3: Print Out Charts

Look through the different printable charts below and print out whatever sheets you feel would be helpful to you, then place them in your binder under the appropriate categories.

You may also consider putting little tags along the side of each category page to make it easier for you to find the charts you are looking for.

STEP 4: Begin Using It!

Once all the pages are in place you’re ready to start using your binder.

Make sure to find a specific place in your home where you can keep your binder – somewhere where you’ll be sure to see it and be reminded to use it frequently. Try to make a habit of always keeping it in the same place in your home so it won’t get misplaced or lost.

Categories For Your Binder

(including FREE printables!)

Note: For checklists that you plan to use every day, you can put the checklists in plastic sheet protectors and use dry-erase markers to write on the plastic covering. This way you can use the same page every day and you won’t have to waste paper printing out lots of copies.

Inspirational Pages

Let the first thing you see when you open your binder be words or encourage that will inspire you in your role as a home manager. Under this category you can include any resources you find to be encouraging or inspiring to you: Bible verses, favorite quotes, inspirational poems, devotional articles, etc.  

* “Do It Anyway” by Mother Teresa (.doc)

* Poem – “Morning Praise” (.pdf)

Quiet Times

Spending time with God is a high priority, so consider putting this category near the front of your binder. Under this category you can include Bible reading plans, Bible verses you want to memorize, prayer journals, and regular daily journaling pages.

* 1 Year Bible Reading Plan (.pdf)

* 1 Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan (.pdf)

* 2 Year Bible Reading Plan (pdf)

* Prayer Journal (.pdf)

* Bible Memory Verses (.pdf)

* Bible Verse Memory Goals (.pdf)

* Journal Page 1 – Rainbow (.pdf)

* Journal Page 2 – Daisies (.pdf)

* Journal Page 3 – Pink Floral (pdf)


Write out very specific, reasonable goals for yourself, and keep them in the forefront of your mind by referring to this category often to check your progress. Under this category you can include your personal achievement goals, health or weight loss goals, diet trackers, exercise logs, and other resolutions or ambitions you have for yourself or your family.

* Personal Achievement Goals

* Health or Weight Loss Goals

* Health & Diet Tracker

* Exercise Log

* Family Goals


Keep track of the daily, weekly, and monthly schedules for you and your family members. Keep all the information in one, easy-to-reference location. Under this category you can include calendars, weekly activities, daily planner, and various checklists to help keep you on track.

* Monthly calendar (.pdf)

* Daily planner (.pdf)

* Weekly activity outlines

* Home maintenance checklist (.pdf)  –  Blank (.pdf)

* Seasonal Checklist (.pdf)  –  Blank (.pdf)

* Car Maintenance Checklist (.pdf)


Organizing and dividing up household chores will not only ensure that everything gets done, but will also take away much of the stress of feeling overwhelmed by it all. Under this category you can include daily, weekly, or monthly chore lists, room-by-room cleaning guides, honey-do lists, and kids chore checklists.

* Morning/Evening checklist (listing regular chores you want to fit into your routine)

* Daily / Weekly chores (.pdf)  –  Example (.pdf)

* Weekly Planner (.pdf)

* Monthly Chores List

* Kids’ Chore Charts

* Honey-Do List (.pdf)

* Room-by-Room Cleaning Checklist (.pdf)  –  Example (.pdf)

* 30 Day De-Cluttering Challenge


Every homemaker knows that meal times can be very stressful. Use this section to help you plan ahead to help minimize the stress of meal times. Under this category you can include weekly or monthly menu plans, meal ideas, favorite recipes, and grocery shopping lists.

* Weekly Menu Planner (.pdf)

* Monthly Menu Planner (.pdf)

* Meal ideas

* Favorite recipes

* Grocery lists


Keep track of household supplies so you don’t have to worry about ever running out. Whenever you make out your shopping list, refer to these inventory sheets to help you think of all the things you need to buy, so you won’t forget anything when you make your run to the store. Under this category you can include inventories of groceries and cooking supplies, household products, medicines, and seasonal supplies. Also keep track of items you are borrowing, items you have on loan-out, and all the books you have checked out from the library.

* Pantry Inventory (.pdf)

* Household Products (.pdf)

* Canning Inventory (.pdf)

* Medical Supplies

* Seasonal Supplies

* Items on Loan-Out (.pdf)

* Borrowed Items (.pdf)

* Library Books (.pdf)


Every home has need of good financial management, but keeping track of budgets, receipts, expenses, and bills, can be quite a chore. Use this section of your binder to keep all your financial papers in one location. Under this category you can include the family budget, a folder or plastic pocket sheets for holding receipts or coupons, a checklist to keep track of bill payments, and a list of monthly expenses to help you stay within your budget.

* Household Budget (.pdf)  –  Example (.pdf)

* Shopping List (.pdf)

* Monthly Expense Tracker (.pdf)

* Annual Bill Payments (.pdf)  –  Blank (.pdf)

* Tax Deductions Tracker (.pdf)

* Tax Income Tracker (.pdf)

* Expenses to Claim (.pdf)


It can be a hassle trying to keep track of multiple kids, in multiple grades, taking different classes, and using different curriculum. Taking a little time to organize the classroom will save you a lot of headache later. Under this category you can include your homeschooling goals, schooling budget, curriculum organizers, lesson plans, grades, and more.

* Homeschooling Goals

* Schooling Budget

* Favorite Curriculum

* Curriculum Planner

* Unit Studies Planner

* School Supplies

* Weekly Lesson Plans (.pdf)

* Subject Checklist (.pdf)

* Book List (.pdf)

* Field Trips

* Music Lessons

* Extra Curricular Activities

* Grades

* Report Cards

Links to More Homeschool Organization Printables:

* The Homeschool Mom. Free homeschool planner and organizational sheets.

Public School

If your kids attend school outside the home, there is still a lot for you to keep track of as a mom. Under this category you can include the school’s calendar, sports schedules, school and classroom information, back to school supplies list, and any report cards or homework pages the kids bring home.

* Child’s Classroom

* School Information


This section of your binder can be used for keeping track of anything related to your children. Under this category you can store fun ideas to do with your kids, a list of household rules or disciplinary charts, keepsake memory pages to keep track of precious milestones, and even just basic information charts to keep track of your child’s allergies, preferences, love languages, and more!

* Child Information Sheet

* Growth Chart (.pdf)

* House Rules

* Friends List (.pdf)

* Boredom Busters

* Clothing  Inventory

* Keepsake Memory Pages


Whether your planning a family vacation, a trip to grandmas, or just a picnic outing, you can be prepared in advance to ensure that your travel plans go as smoothly as possible. Under this category you can include a general packing list, pre-travel checklist, vacation planner, keepsake vacation memory pages, and creative ideas for keeping your kids entertained on the road.

* Packing List

* Vacation Planner

* Camping Checklist (.pdf)  –  Example (.pdf)

* Picnic Checklist (.pdf)  –  Example (.pdf)

* Ideas for Entertaining Kids on the Road

* Vacation Memories


Holidays are very busy times, that you may feel like you’re pulling your hair out trying to keep on top of everything, that’s where this section of your binder comes in really handy. Under this category you can include your holiday budget and spending records, gift ideas, wishlists, party planners, master checklists, and more.

* Special Occasions to Remember (.pdf)

* Holiday Budget Sheet

* Family Traditions

* Event Planner (.pdf)

* Holiday Menu Plan

* Holiday Baking

* Wishlist (.pdf)

* Gift list (.pdf)

* Order Tracking (.xls)

* Homemade Gifts

* Easter Master Checklist

* Thanksgiving Master Checklist

* Christmas Master Checklist

* New Years Checklist

* 4th of July Checklist

* Stocking Stuffer Ideas

* Card Sending List

* Family Newsletter

* Thank You Cards (.pdf)

* Holiday Memories

Links to More Holiday Organizational Printables:

* Christmas Organized Home.


This section of your binder can help you to painlessly keep track of the medical needs of your family. Under this category you can include your family’s basic medical needs, medical records, health insurance documents, first aid reference guides, and any helpful articles or information you want to keep regarding the health and safety of your family.

* Medical Records (.pdf)

* Sick Visit Worksheet

* Basic First Aid Reference Charts

* Health Insurance

* Medical Supplies (.pdf)

Important Information

When you need important information in a hurry, it can be a huge advantage to have everything already gathered together in one place. Under this category you can include banking information, insurance information, list of online passwords, social security numbers, contact information, and whatever other information you feel the need to keep close at hand.

* Banking Information

* Insurance Information

* Online Passwords (.pdf)

* Babysitter Information (.pdf)

* Order Tracking (.pdf)

* Warranty Tracker (.pdf)

* Contact Information (.pdf)

* Emergency Contact Information (.pdf)

If you have any problems with any of these printables, or if you have any ideas for additional printables that would be a great addition to this list, please contact

Thank you for helping to make this page more complete and helpful to others.

Other Great Sources

For more printable pages for your Home Management Binder check out the following websites:



* The Imperfect Homemaker