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Love Coupons

Love coupons can be a great way to spice up the romance in your marriage. They are easy to make, completely free, and can be very personal and fun! Depending on the mood you are wanting to reflect, the coupons can be romantic, friendly, or sensual.

Print Ready-Made Coupons

Here is a great collection of full-color coupons that you can print and use:

* Printable Love Coupons (.pdf)  

Make Your Own Coupons

You can also make your own coupons by very simply cutting out squares of cardstock paper and writing what you want on them, or being more elaborate in designing coupons on your computer using a program like PrintShop.

Here are some ideas of things you can offer on your coupons:

*  One really BIG hug

* Three passionate kisses

* A candlelight dinner for two

* A soothing foot massage (to last a minimum of 20 minutes)

* A soothing back massage (to last a minimum of 20 minutes)

* A relaxing and sensual full body massage (complete with lotion and kisses)

* One goodnight kiss (followed by another, and another, and another. . .)

* One pillow fight (followed by kiss and make up)

* One bubble bath together

* A second valentine’s day this year (you choose the date!)

* Movie night together (you choose the movie!)

* Five kisses (anywhere you want them)

* Three wishes (expires in 48 ours)

* One home cooked gourmet dinner (dessert included)

* Fondue and wine for two

* Dinner at your favorite restaurant

* An evening of dancing

* Me kissing every inch of your body

* Afternoon at the park

* Ice cream parlor date

* Coffee shop date

* Sports outing (at the event of your choice)

* Any job you want done in the yard or garage

* A weekend getaway at any destination of your choice

* Any chore you want done for a whole week

* A night of playing your favorite game

* Couples shower (complete rub down included)

* A walk under the stars

* Slow dancing

* Breakfast in bed (you choose the menu)

* Night of passion

* One quickie (no excuses)

* Dress up (but stay in) dinner

* Dress up and go out for dinner

* Romantic picnic

* Cuddle time

* One free love session (you choose the location)

* Sexy lingerie (you pick -- I'll model)

* Out of the doghouse -- free

* You win the argument

* An evening out on the town

* One hot night at any hotel of your choice

* A rainy day of cuddling (can only be redeemed on rainy days)

* Love slave for the day (whatever you want – whenever you want it)

Ideas for Giving the Coupons to Your Spouse

* Give the coupons as a gift on your spouse’s birthday or other special occasions.

* Slip a coupon inside a card or love note that you are giving your spouse.

* Slip a coupon inside a book or magazine that they’re reading.

* Put one (or more) in their Christmas stocking.

* Tape a coupon to the mirror in the bathroom.

* Put a coupon in your partners laptop, so they’ll see it when they open the


* Slip a coupon in their pocket when you give them a hug

* Send them the coupon by email

* Tape a coupon on the steering wheel of the car

* Set one on their pillow (make sure the bed is made up nicely, and maybe add

a flower or some petals next to it to draw their attention)