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Favorite Inspirational Books

Intercessory Prayer (by Dutch Sheets) – This book is my all time favorite! It completely changed the way I think about prayer, and has had a lasting impact on my prayer life. I would highly recommend this book!
Too Busy NOT To Pray (by Bill Hybels) – The title of this book speaks for itself. So often we feel like we’re too busy to pray, but really, with how busy we are we really can’t afford to miss our prayer times.  

The Pursuit of God (by A.W. Tozer) – This is a very profound book, though a bit heavier of reading. Perfect for deep thinkers, as every line and paragraph in this book could be a sermon in itself.
Pleasure of His Company (by Dutch Sheets) – I’m a big fan of Dutch Sheets. The simplicity of his writing style and his great sense of humor makes discovering scriptural truths fun and exciting.
Your God is Too Safe (by Mark Buchanan) – When I first read this book I never wanted it to end. It really helped me to have a more realistic view of who God is and who I am in comparison. It was a great journey of discovery!

The War for Mansoul (by Ethel Barrett) – This story is a retelling of John Bunyan’s classic “Holy War”. This is by far my favorite allegory. It is all about the battle that is taking place in the spiritual realm over God’s greatest creation – Man’s soul!
Pilgrim’s Progress in Today’s English (by James Thomas) – The classic “Pilgrim’s Progress” rewritten in modern English for today’s audience. This is a great translation of the original story!
Little Pilgrim’s Progress (by Helen Taylor) – I used to read this book as a kid. It is the classic John Bunyan story but simplified for young children.
Hinds Feet on High Places (by Hannah Hurnard) – An excellent allegory of a believer’s walk with God. A beautiful story packed full of great lessons for life.
Mountain of Spices (by Hannah Hurnard) – This is the sequel to “Hinds Feet on High Places” . . . also a really great story packed full of life lessons.

Disciplines of a Godly Woman (by Barbara Hughes)
God's Priceless Woman: A Bible Course for All Ages (by Wanda Sanseri) -- A Bible study for women based on Titus 2:3-5 with character studies of major women in the Bible.

Disciplines of a Godly Man (by R. Kent Hughes)