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 Best Recipe and Cookbook Software!

I searched high and low to find a software program that would be just the right fit for me . . . there were so many to choose from, and I’m sure I haven’t tried them all, but I finally landed on a gem!

What I was specifically looking for was a program that I could use to store all my recipes, group them in categories, and give me plenty of options for exporting them again, in the likely case that I would want to print cookbooks to share with family and friends.

There were certainly a lot of programs that did this, but there always seemed to be something I didn’t like about each program. Several of them were too hard to use. Others just had too many options that it was just too overwhelming (especially since I wasn’t going to use most of the features included).

But the main thing I had a problem with, was that all the programs I tried really only exported the recipes as “one per page”. Sure they had all the information and even nutrition charts and cool additions to each recipe . . . But seriously, only ONE recipe per page?! With how many recipes I have in my collection I’d never be able to fit them all in one book if every recipe took up its own page.

I really needed program that would put multiple recipes on a page in the book. And this one does it!

Home Cookin Recipe Software

* A very simple and easy to use program

* Easy to import recipes from a file or from the Internet

* Nice recipe layout

* Add pictures (though, only one per recipe)

* Export as a PDF Cookbook (6x9, 8.5x11, or A4 size)

* Program automatically adds index, chapters, page numbers, and a glossary to the printed cookbooks.

* Organizes recipes for easy sorting and finding

* Access your recipes directly from the program, or print and use in the kitchen

* Includes meal calendar and grocery list features for meal planning

* Easily locate duplicate recipes (even ones that vary slightly) for easy elimination

* Quick search for recipes in the entire collection or limited categories

* Create custom cookbooks

I downloaded this software program from Mountain Software. They give a 15 day free trial on the program, so you can try it out before you purchase it.

Plus, I also found an online coupon giving me 30% off of the purchase, so instead of paying $34.95 for the program, I only paid $24.47. Great deal!

Print Cookbooks, Index Cards, and More!

Easily Organize Recipes

Import Recipes a File or Internet

Add a Picture and Enjoy the Beautiful Layout of Your Recipe!