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Mommy – The Dream Job!
~ Erin Brooks ~

Sometimes our children say things that remind us of the truly-blessed place we are in.

The other evening was such a time for me when my five-year old climbed into my bed, snuggled into the pillow and under the covers and said,

"Let's dream about being mommies!"

It brought back memories of when I was younger and would look longingly at mothers at church with tiny babies, wishing they would ask me to hold their baby! There was this sweet feeling even when pretending to be a mommy to my wild-haired dolly. There was this bond, this joy of being needed, loved and special to a little person.

How wonderful that now it is really so! There are four little people, soon to be five, that I get to, in reality, be a mommy to. Four little faces that, if I were to be away from them for a time, would light up and their little legs would run to me when I came back to them.

As is often the case when something of longing is fulfilled, our eyes shift from the wonders of what we longed for to the responsibilities and concerns that come with that blessing!

We can also forget what it even felt like to long for it. Our tanks are so full with being needed and loved and looked to that we have a hard time understanding even what the lure would be to have such things because now we see the whole picture! But there is no denying that though the fulfillment of the longing can hold difficulties and trials we did not foresee, it is not as painful as an unfulfilled longing.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

My little one's statement not only kicked me into gear to be more grateful but it also led me to compassionate prayer for those who do long for a child and have been unable to have one.

Hoping this encourages you, as it did me, to take note that your role as a mommy really is a "dream come true."