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Bible Memorization Songs

Singing God’s Word is one of the best ways to memorize Scripture. Music has a way of getting “stuck” in you head, and the combination of a catchy tune and repetition can really help to impress the words on your mind and in your heart.

G.T. and the Halo Express

G.T. and the Halo Express is, in my opinion, the very best Bible memory resource out there! There are 7 different albums, each containing delightful, fun, musical stories. These musical audio dramas teach kids important lessons about life and faith while at the same teaching Bible memory songs through the music. And the Bible memory songs are absolutely amazing!! Listen for yourself with these online Listening Samples. I don’t know which version of Scripture the verses are taken from, but my guess would be that it’s a combination of version.

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart. This is one of the first Bible memory albums I ever put on for my kids. It’s one that I grew up with as a child, but in spite of it being a classic the music is timeless and is really excellent for children of all ages.

There are two different volumes in this series giving a total of 41 memory verses put to music in Steve Green’s own unique style. I think the music albums are accurately named, as this really is an excellent way to hide God’s word in your heart.

If you like this album, you may also like the Hide ‘Em in Your Heart Music Video DVD’s. The DVD’s only contain about half of the songs that are on the albums, but if you have a child who is more of a visual learner than audio they could really benefit from watching the music videos.

Here’s the link to watch the music video Volume 1 on Youtube, and here’s a link for where you can watch Volume 2.

Hide the Word (Steve Green)

Hide the Word. For many years families ave been using Steve Green’s albums, “Hide ‘Em in Your Heart”, but not many people know about this more recent album of his.

Listen to this album now on YouTube!

The Corner Room

The Corner Room. This music is absolutely amazing! It’s the kind of music I would naturally find myself wanting to listen to, so what a bonus that the lyrics come directly from Scripture!

Stream for free on Amazon Prime or listen to a few of their songs on YouTube.

Memory Verse Songs (Shannon R. Linville)

Memory Verse Songs. Shannon R. Linville has a YouTube channel where she posts Bible memory verse music videos that are free to stream online.

All for Jesus Scripture Memory Songs (Christine Champion)

All for Jesus Scripture Memory Songs. Christine Champion has a YouTube channel where she posts Scripture memory music videos that help you memorize entire Psalms. She also gives multiple versions of the Bible so you can choose your preferred version – KJV, ESV, NIV, NLT, and WEB

Memorize Scripture Through Song (Adam Zarn)

Memorize Scripture Through Song. Adam Zarn has a YouTube channel where he posts Scripture memory verse music videos that are free to stream online. I especially love that he takes on a lot of the less common passages of Scripture, and even bigger portions to memorize, like his series of music videos that work through memorizing the entire first chapter of Philippians!

Adam Zarn does mostly ESV, but has a few NLT and NIV versions as well.

Hidden in My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture

Hidden in My Heart: A Lullaby Journey Through Scripture. This album was gifted to us when our first child was born and since then it has played in our house almost every night for the past 5 years!

My only complaint regarding this album would be the fact that the lyrics are not word-for-word from Scripture but rather just paraphrased verses, which means that children are memorizing Scriptural concepts and not actual Scripture passages. Still, for infants, toddlers, and very young children, I still see it as highly beneficial that the Word of God is still being taught to them and these Biblical truths are sinking into their minds from the very earliest stages of their lives. The music in this series is really beautiful and extremely soothing making it the perfect lullaby album for children of all ages!

When You Lie Down (Seeds Family Worship)

If you are looking for a Lullaby album with lyrics that come straight from the Scriptures I would highly recommend When You Lie Down by Seeds Family Worship, it is a very beautiful and soothing album that is perfect for naps and bedtime. This album contains 12 songs with verses that reminds us that true rest, comfort, and hope come from God alone. The lyrics to these songs are all word-for-word from the NIV translation of Scripture.  

(Several of the Seeds Family Worship songs are available to stream on YouTube)

Quite Time Scripture Songs (Patch the Pirate)

Quite Time Scripture Songs. Relaxing and melodious Scripture songs that are perfect to use as bedtime lullabies or just for quiet times of reflection. Patch the Pirate has a lot of Bible resources for kids, but this articular album is geared towards Bible memorization, specifically verses from the book of Proverbs.

Listen to this album now on YouTube

Seeds Family Worship

Seeds Family Worship is a music based ministry that creates word-for-word Scripture songs for families taken directly from the NIV translation. These are not your “old-school” kids’ Bible songs, they are very enjoyable modern worship songs that are designed to be an effective tool to help families memorize the Word of God.

There are currently 12 albums in the Seeds Family Worship series and many of these albums are now available on DVD as a music video that gives the words on screen so families can follow and sing along.

Note: If you are on Amazon Prime you can listen to several of the Seed Family Worship albums for free with Prime Music.

Fighter Verse Songs

Every Fighter Verse Songs CD includes word-for-word Bible passages that are taken directly from the ESV Bible and set to music. The passages chosen for Scripture memorization are specifically focused on helping believers fight the fight of faith. Featuring the talents of both adults and children, the music styles are varied including folk, jazz, pop, doo-wop, and even Georgian chant. The arrangements are designed so that you will enjoy listening to them and will learn the songs quickly and easily. Your children will memorize scripture without even trying—and so will you!

Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs

Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs. A Randall Goodgame production that has a lot of fun, upbeat, and catchy songs for Bible memorization.

Slugs & Bugs actually has a lot of resources and not just resources for Bible memorization. If you’re looking for songs that are specifically getting kids to memorize the Scripture than be sure to look specifically for “Sing the Bible” titles; basically, if the Slugs & Bugs album doesn’t actually say “Sing the Bible” then it’s not a Bible memorization resource (though they are still excellent products!)

Songtime Kids

Songtime Kids. There 16 fun and catchy tunes in this album and the music is very appealing to kids with a fun, VBS feel to the music. Each of the songs in this album has a word-for-word Scripture verse, but the verses are mixed in with other, non-Scripture, lyrics as well. Basically, the way it works is that the chorus of each song is the Scripture memory verse, but the verses to the songs are just fun lyrics that accompany and support the verse.

Hermie and Friends Scripture Memory Songs

Hermie and Friends Scripture Memory Songs. There are 9 of these CD’s altogether, each on containing 10-15 songs. The songs are sung by kids and taken directly from the Bible using the ICB, KJV, NKJV, NAS, and NCV versions of Scripture, and in between the music there is entertaining dialogue from the beloved Hermie and Friends characters. The album also contains a “missing word” version of each song in which key words will be missing from the vocals in order to help reinforce memorization.

Want to hear a sample of the music? The original composer of the music has a few of the songs available on his website.

Each of the Hermie and Friends Scripture Memory CD’s was designed to correspond with a specific DVD movie. Titles include: “Being Special”,  “Being Truthful”, “Being a Friend”, “Following the Rules”, “Sharing”, “Behaving”, “Being Brave”, “Praying”, and “Christmas”.

Unfortunately, these CD’s are currently “out of print” so it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to find all 9 of them, but it is definitely worth it in my opinion.

Scripture Memory Songs (Twin Sisters Publications)

Scripture Memory Songs. Twin Sisters Productions has 2 albums of songs for Scripture memory, taken from the old NIV (1984) Bible translation; the albums include: “Scripture Memory Songs” and “More Scripture Memory Songs”.

The style of music feels a little old fashion, but kids wouldn’t necessarily know the difference. The music is calmer than some of the more modern albums, and the songs are mainly sung by a children’s choir with the exception of some adult narration in a few of the songs.

It’s only fare for me to warn you, however, that while most of the songs on these albums are 100% Scripture that’s not true for all of the songs. There are a few songs on these albums that are still focused on Bible memory but also mix in some other stuff as well. One example of this would include the “God Made Everything - Genesis 1:1” song which is basically a song that summarizes the days of creation and then goes on to read some passages of Scripture taken from both Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Another example would be the “I’m Gonna Learn the Books of the Bible” song which does help kids with memorizing the books of the Bible, but just wasn’t exactly what I was expecting when I originally got this album. So that’s something to be aware of, at least.

The Scripture Lady

The Scripture Lady has some good music albums that put the Scriptures to music, they include:

Scripture Lady Sings the Word of God” – 17 Bible verse songs to get your kids excited about the Bible and its importance in their lives.

Scripture Lady Sings the Gospel” – 21 Bible verse songs for memorizing some of the most beloved Scripture for evangelism.

Let’s Sings Some Psalms” – 19 Bible verse songs from the Psalms.

The Fruit of the Spirit” – 16 Bible verse songs about the Fruit of the Spirit.

Traveling Bible Time” – 19 Bible verse songs including the 10 Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer.

Note: These albums are also available as downloadable files.

Hosanna! Music Scripture Songs

Hosanna! Music Scripture Songs. An easy-listening style of music with verses taken directly from the NIV, NKJV, and NASB versions of the Bible.

Albums in this series include:

Songs of Hope & Encouragement

Songs of Spiritual Warfare

Songs of Peace

Songs of Healing

Songs of Comfort

Songs of Praise and Worship

The Singing Bible

The Singing Bible. This album contains 4 CDs in which children are taken on a fast-paced musical walk through the Bible. Includes 50 original sing-along songs, setting Scriptures to music and including memorable lyrics and tongue twisters.

Boom Chicka Boom (Colin Buchanan)

Boom Chicka Boom. This is one of many Colin Buchanan albums, all of which are packed full of exciting, catchy tunes that teach children the truths of Scripture. All of the songs on this particular album come directly from the Scriptures compared to some of his other albums that combine memory verse songs with other songs as well. The other of his “almost-all-memory-verse” albums is called Baa Baa Doo Baa Baa, but since most of his albums contain a selection of memory verses I would certainly encourage you to check out the full selection of Colin Buchanan albums, they’re definitely a fun an entertaining way to get kids excited about the Bible!

Entrusted With a Child’s Heart

Entrusted With a Child’s Heart. This is an album that is becoming more popular and well known in Christian circles, simply because it’s good enough to be passed from parent to parent by word of mouth. The album contains 23 Scripture songs for Bible memorization with a fun music style that is somewhere between folk music and jazz. This resource is also a part of a series of parenting resources called “Entrusted With a Child’s Heart”, you can see the complete collection of resources on their website:

Scripture Songs Series

Scripture Songs Series. There are several albums in this series, all teaching children the Word of God through music. Lyrics are taken word-for-word from the KJV Bible.

God's Word in My Heart: Scripture Songs for Families

God's Word in My Heart: Scripture Songs for Families. The actual CDs for this series can be hard to find, but the music is available for online streaming on Spotify.

Albums in this series include:

Psalms, Volume 1

Psalms, Volume 2


Mark & Luke

John, Volume 1

Songs for Quiet Times

Songs for Thankful Times

The Verses Project

The Verses Project. The purpose of this "project" is to make music and visual art that can help people to meditate on Scriptures. There is no CD or album to purchase for this, to listen, simply go to The Verses Project Website and click on "explore" to see all the different verses they have available for online streaming. These songs are free, and there's even an option to sign up at the bottom of the webpage for a song to be emailed to you weekly. Some of these songs can be found on YouTube.

Bible in Your Brain (Gospel Light)

Bible in Your Brain. These two volumes of Scripture memory music (composed by John Andrew Schreiner) are out of print now and getting to be almost impossible to find the CDs for anymore. The music, however, is available to listen to through the Michaela N channel on YouTube.

One of the best parts about this particular albums is that the songs take bigger chunks of Scripture to memorize – even entire chapters of Scripture in some cases. My favorite so far is the song for memorizing John 1 - “One and Only”.

Scripture Songs for Worship (Esther Mui)

Scripture Songs for Worship. Ester Mui is a fantastic artist who composes Scripture songs that are directly from the KJV and NKJV Bibles. She offers all of her music for free. You can listen to her music on her website, on her YouTube channel, or on Spotify.

Hide the Word (Dimitri Caver)

Hide the Word. Dimitri Caver has two “Hide the Word” albums that contain Scripture songs with music styles ranging from traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, and praise and worship. The albums themselves are out of print and getting hard to come be, but many of his songs are now available as music videos on YouTube.

My Heart Your Home

My Heart Your Home. This album was created by the Wissmann family containing Scripture set to music songs that are sung by children from two Christian families with ages ranging from 4 to 18. My favorite part about this album is that it doesn’t go with the same common memory verses you would expect it to have, but actually branches out to teach some of the more unique and less common massages of Scripture. The memory verses are taken from the NKJV of Scripture.

Hide the Word (Mark Altrogge)

Mark Altrogge from Forever Grateful Music has several Hide the Word albums that feature word-for-word Scripture songs taken from the NIV and ESV Bible. The combination of word-for-word Scripture and memorable melodies makes Bible memorizing super easy for both children and adults!

Be sure to check out 8 of the Hide the Word albums!

My A to Z Memory Bible Songs (Kirk Cameron)

My A to Z Memory Bible Songs. Not many people know that Kirk Cameron, a popular Christian actor, has put together a couple Bible memory music CDs. Volume 1 and Volume 2, both containing inspirational dialogue and word-for-word Scripture lyrics.

God’s Word from A-Z

God’s Word from A-Z. This album contains 26 Bible memory verses, 1 for each letter of the alphabet. The verses in song will take you on a journey that begins with our sinfulness, runs to the cross of our Savior, and ends with the joy of heaven. The music is energetic and diverse, including jazz, classical, bluegrass, reggae, country, pop, rock, Indian, Celtic, and folk. Enjoyable for children and adults alike!

Be sure to check out Abe & Liza Philip’s other Scripture song albums as well!

ABC Memory Verse Songs (Sonbeams Chior)

ABC Memory Verse Songs. Mrs. Candace and the Sonbeams Children’s Choir presents these 26 Bible memory songs to make memorization easier for children.

Sing the Word from A to Z

Sing the Word from A to Z. Another alphabet based Scripture memory album that takes 26 Bible verses (each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet) and puts the verse to music. Also includes instrumental tracks for each of the songs to help practice and reinforce memorization.

These songs were produced by The Harrow Family. Their other “Sing the Word” Scripture memory albums include:

A New Commandment

God Our Provider


The Heavens Declare

Great in Counsel and Mighty in Deeds

All Nations Shall Worship

Songs for Saplings ABC’s

Songs for Saplings ABC’s is designed to teach children the Word of God as they study their ABC’s. They also have an album called Songs for Saplings 123 that teaches God’s Word to young children as they learn the numbers 1-13.

To go along with the ABC album, Carisa Hinson (from 1+1=1) offers a free pack of Printable Verse Cards to help reinforce the Bible memory verses taught in this album.

Scripture Memory Songs (Jim Spencer)

This Scripture Memory Songs series is a set of 3 albums created by Jim Spencer and his family, also known as Spencer Family Music.

Each of the CDs (Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3) contain 13 fun and exciting Scripture memory songs. A few of these songs are also available as music videos on YouTube.

God Prints Scripture Memory Songs for Kids

God Prints is another wonderful Scripture song series. This set contains 3 different albums: Totally Tangerine, Radical Raspberry, and Great Grape.

The Rizers

The Rizers is a pop music group that has word-for-word Bible memory music for kids. They have a few music albums and even several music videos on YouTube. Their style is a little too up-beat for my personal tastes, but the content is great and the music certainly appeals to the younger generation.

Scripture Rock

Scripture Rock. For those who love more up-beat music these series can be a great way to learn a TON of Bible Memory Verses. Collect the whole series:

Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5

Thy Word Creations

Thy Word Creations. There are two different series from Thy Word Creations, a set for children and a set for teens/adults. This resource takes entire chapters of Scripture and puts the lyrics word-for-word into song. Each album is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated book that contains the passage of Scripture to read and memorize. The children’s collection also includes coloring book pages. All Scripture in these sets are taken from the KJV and NKJV.

Cubbies Awana Scripture Songs App

Cubbies Awana Scripture Songs App. Finally a children’s app that teaches Bible memory verses! Kids can listen to the Scripture songs directly from the app. The app itself is free, but you if you want to unlock a specific Bible translation you pay for the version you want. Supported versions of the Bible include: NIV, ESV, KJV, and NKJV.

I Wanna Sing Scripture Songs (Awana)

I Wanna Sing Scripture Songs. The Awana program does a really good job at using music to teach Bible memory verses to kids of all ages. They have multiple albums based on the different grade levels, from Kindergarten to 8th grade.

The best price for these albums can be found at Sing ‘n Learn, but since this particular site is working at reducing their inventory they may not be available there for very long.

NIV Kid’s Club Scripture Music DVD Series

NIV Kid’s Club Scripture Music DVD Series. These DVDs are a delightful series where your children will be entertained and learn solid Christian values at the same time! Plus, your children will easily learn and memorize exact Scripture verses from the Bible because these songs are not just songs about the Bible but rather the lyrics each and every song are taken word-for-word from the NIV Bible. The four different volumes include: Proverbs, Colossians, Psalms, and Family of God.

Scripture Songs for Kids (Book & CD)

Scripture Songs for Kids. This collection contains 40 popular Bible verses that have been set to music. The book contains melody, lyrics, and chords and comes with a sing-along music CD.


I Can Do All Things (Twin Sisters Productions)

I Can Do All Things is a beautiful children’s board book that comes with a music CD that has 15 verbatim Bible verses taken directly from the old NIV (1984) Bible.

Sing the Scriptures (Twin Sisters Productions)

Sing the Scriptures. Another 15 Scripture songs arranged for kids by Twin Sisters Productions.

You can also listen to a free Scripture Songs for Kids Full-Length Album on YouTube.

Bible Songs for Kids Series (Bible Truth Kids)

Bible Songs for Kids Series. There are 6 CDs in this series, each containing Scripture songs to help children hide God's Word in their hearts. The lyrics to these songs are all taken directly from the KJV Bible and set to fun, exciting music to help make Bible memorization both fun and effective.

Scripture Songs: Attributes of God (Grace Evangelical Church)

Scripture Songs: Attributes of God. This collection of scripture songs are all verses about the attributes of God that have been put to music for the purpose of Bible memorization. This music album was produced by Grace Evangelical Church of Germantown, TN, and all the verses were taken from the ESV Bible.

Lead Me to the Rocks (By Heart Scripture Songs)

Lead Me to the Rock. This album by Kelly Crawford contains Scripture songs that are taken directly from the KJV. The music is beautiful, but maybe not quite on par with some of the more professionally done productions, still, if it is your goal to memorize passages of Scripture this is an excellent resource since the lyrics are word-for-word from the KJV Bible.  

Teach Me Your Ways (Homestead Heritage Ministries)

Teach Me Your Ways Volume 1 and Volume 2. These Scripture songs are sung simply and from the heart. The wide range of musical styles include folk and calypso, Scotch-Irish, mariachi, bluegress, Jewish, and more. The words are taken directly from the NIV Bible.  

Listen to the Complete Volume 2 Album for Free on YouTube

Radical Protection (TRILOGY Scripture Songs)

Radical Protection is a collection of 12 Scripture songs on the theme of God’s protection and loving care. Lyrics are taken directly from the NKJV translation of the Bible. The CD itself is out of print and very hard to come by, but the digital version is available for purchase and download.

If you like this album be sure to check out the other TRILOGY music albums!

Hidden in My Heart (Stephen Elkins)

Hidden in My Heart. This album has word-for-word Scripture put to music to make memorization simple and fun. The style of music is calm compared to a lot of the more modern albums and the songs are sung by a children’s choir.

One unique thing about this particular series is that all 3 volumes are available in three different versions of the Bible, KJV, NIV, and NLT, so depending on which you prefer for memorization you can purchase the set in that translation.

 KJV - Volume 1, KJV - Volume 2, KJV - Volume 3

NIV - Volume 1, NIV - Volume 2, NIV - Volume 3

NLT - Volume 1, NLT - Volume 2, NLT - Volume 3

Also a bonus album: Hidden in My Heart NLT - The Power of 10

Critter County

Critter County. A production by Christine Wyrtzen from Family Films Productions. This is one of those old classics that was originally on vinyl and cassettes and eventually made it to CD. Unfortunately, it is out of print now, which makes it very hard to find, but if you can find it this album is one of those precious timeless treasures from the past that teaches Bible memory verses through song.

The Critter County album includes 26 verses (one for each letter of the alphabet) set to music. Each song is sung by a different animal that starts with that letter. One advantage to having a Bible verse for each letter of the alphabet is that when you have memorized them all it is very easy to recall them to mind later on by simply going through each letter of the alphabet and reciting the verse that corresponds to each letter.

Scripture Memory Songs for Kids and Families

Scripture Memory Songs for Kids and Families. Taken directly from the NIV Bible, these songs are lively and upbeat making Scripture memorization fun and exciting. There are other lyrics mixed in with some of the Bible verses, so the album is not 100% Scripture, but even so it is a great resource for memorizing the Scripture.

Kingdom Kids Scripture Songs

Kingdom Kids Scripture Songs. Another really great Scripture memory album with kids. I especially love how some of the songs are older classics that I grew up singing as a kid, and several of the songs incorporate the Scripture reference into the lyrics so that kids are not only memorizing the Bible verse also where the verse is found.

Scripture Songs (Sherri Youngward)

Scripture Songs.  Volume 1, Volume 2

Top 30 Scripture Songs for Kids (Lifeway Worship)

Top 30 Scripture Songs for Kids. Not all of the songs on this album are 100% from the Scriptures, but there are quite a few Scripture memory songs here, so it’s definitely worth posting. Fun, up-beat music that appeals to children.

100 Bible Verses Every Kid Can Sing ‘n Learn

100 Bible Verses Every Kid Can Sing ‘n Learn. There are a LOT of Bible verses sung in this album – 100 of them to be exact! Many of the lyrics come directly from the Scriptures, word-for-word, to help kids memorize the verses, but there are also lyrics that are not from the Bible that are complimentary to the verses. There is also some dialogue in between the songs as an audio drama takes place with “Boo Bear” and “Skittles the Mouse”. Over 3 hours of fun and learning for kids!

Hide & Keep: Sing Bible Memory Verses for the Study of Genesis

Hide & Keep: Sing Bible Memory Verses for the Study of Genesis. This album contains 20 Bible verses specifically geared towards learning about the book of Genesis. It does contain a few verses from other books of the Bible as well, but most of the verses are directly from the book of Genesis. The music style is sometimes a bit silly or “cheezy” sounding, sung in almost animation-sounding voices – a bit annoying to the adult ear but kids love it!

Also from the same artist (Da Vonne Lee): Hide & Keep: Sing Bible Memory Verses for the Study of Acts available on Amazon, and a few other albums (Exodus, Joshua, Matthew, I & II Samuel) available on her website.

Scripture verses for these albums are taken from the old NIV (1984) Bible.

Pop Symphonies Scripture Memory

Pop Symphonies Scripture Memory. This album contains 11 upbeat Scripture memory songs especially for those who love the Beatle’s style of music.

Also from this same artist come the Scripture memory song albums “The Logoz” and “The Logoz II” as well as a “Scripture Memory Kool Kit” featuring scripture songs, music vidoes, and other Bible memory resources.  

God Rocks! Bible Songs

God Rocks! Bible Songs. This resource comes out of Canada and directly from the NIV Bible. 24 Bible verses set to rock & pop music for kids.

Be sure to check out all 3 volumes in this series:

Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3

Unto Us: A Family Worship Experience

Unto Us: A Family Worship Experience. This is a Bible memory songs DVD that is perfect for the Christmas season. The DVD includes lyric videos for 6 Christmas verse songs, plus hand motion demonstrations.

Bible Memory Chart (from Fighter Verses)

This Bible Memory Chart makes it easy to keep track of the verses that you are working on with your children as well as to help motivate them to memorize the passages of Scripture, especially when using a rewards system as an incentive.

Looking for more Scripture Memory Songs? Check out these sites:

>> ESV Scripture Songs List (Dawn Smit)