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Teach Kids French (Fun & Easy)

I had a really hard time finding just the right resources for teaching my kids French. It’s not that there aren’t resources out there, but perhaps I was a bit too particular about what I was looking for. What I was really looking for was a curriculum that used fun videos to introduce vocabulary words, with catchy music, short stories, and fun activities that could help reinforce the words and teach children how to speak French in a fun, interactive way.

Well, I couldn’t actually find what I was looking for all in one place, but I have been able to compile resources to create my own sort of French learning “curriculum”, which is basically just a collection of YouTube videos and fun language learning activities.

YouTube: Learn French with Louie – Colors

Other French COLORS Vocabulary and Songs:

>> The Colors Song

>>Les Princesses et Les Couleurs

>> Apprendre les Couleurs Avec Les Animaux

>> Apprendre les Couleurs Avec Les Vehicules

>> Les Chanson Sur Les Couleurs

>> Traposo: Colors in French

>> Bob le Train: Crayon Colors in French

>> Bob le Train: Color Ride

>> The French Minute: Colors

>> Ratounet: Colors in French

>> Les Couleurs

>> French Colors with Animals

>> Little Red Car: French Colors Song

>> Sophie the Giraffe: Colors

>> Couleurs - J'aime Les Voitures

>> Couleurs - Arc en Ciel

>> Colors and Shapes at the Park

YouTube: Learn Animal Names in French

Short but cute. Learn some basic animal names in French!

YouTube: Dans la Ferme de Mathurin

A version of “The Farmer in the Del” song in French with cute animation for kids!

More French ANIMAL Vocabulary and Songs:

>> Learn French with Louie: Farm Animals

>> Learn French with Louie: Animals from the Forest

>> Learn French with Louie: Animals from the Savanna

>> Old McDonald Had a Farm (French Version)

>> Traposo: Jungle Animals in French for Kids

>> Traposo: Pets for Kids in French

>> Traposo: Farm Animals for Kids in French

>> Traposo: Riddle for Kids to Learn Animals in French

>> Animals from the Woods in French for Kids

>> Traposo: Sea Animals in French for Kids

>> Découvrir les Animaux Domestiques (Pets in French)

>> Les Animaux de la Ferme (Farm Animals in French)

>> Apprendre Les Animaux

>> Sophie the Giraffe: Animals (French)

>> Sophie the Giraffe: Baby Animals (French)

>> Les Animaux

>> Bob le Train: Animal Sound Song

>> Bob le Train: Farm Adventure

>> StoryZoo: Farm Animals

>> StoryZoo: Zoo Animals

>> Jungle Animals Song in French

>> Old McDonald Had a Farm (en Francais)

>> Baby Lily: Jungle Animals

>> Au Zoo

YouTube: La Petite Poule Rousse (The Little Red Hen)

The classic story of the Little Red Hen – in French!

More French ANIMAL Stories:

>> The Ugly Duckling (French Animation)

>> The Ugly Duckling (French Story)

>> The Three Little Pigs (French Disney Animation)

>> The Three Little Pigs (French Animation)

>> The Three Little Pigs (French Story)

YouTube: Je Suis Moi

More French FAMILY Vocabulary and Songs:

>> J’aime Papa, J’aime Maman

>> C'est Toi Mon Papa / Ma Maman

>> Je T’aime Mamie

>> La Famille des Doigts

YouTube: French Greetings Song for Children

A fun little song to introduce children to the basic french greetings. The song includes both the French phrases as well as an English translation, and the tune is slow enough that it is very easy to follow and understand.

More French GREETINGS Vocabulary and Songs:

>> Bonjour, Bonjour!

>> Song: Bonjour et Merci

YouTube: Mon Corps

More French BODY Vocabulary and Songs:

>> Tête, Épaules, Genoux et Pieds

>> Deux Yeux, Un Nez, Une Bouche

>> Mon Corps Est à Moi

>> Je Cache Mes Yeux

YouTube: Je Suis Malade

More French HOW I FEEL Vocabulary and Songs:

>> Les Émotions (Emotions Song)

More French FOOD Vocabulary and Songs:

>> Little Pim: Food

>> Little Pim: Let’s Eat

>> Little Pim: Dinnertime

>> Sur la Table

YouTube: La Maison

More French HOUSE Vocabulary and Songs:

>> Parts of the House and Rooms in French

>> Ma Maison – Chansons pour Enfants

>> Le Tour de Ma Maison

>> Dans Ma Chambre

More French SHAPES Vocabulary and Songs:


YouTube: Quel Temps Fait-Il?

More French WEATHER and SEASONS Vocabulary and Songs:

>> Rain Rain Go Away (in French)

>> Il Pleut un Peu

>> Printemps

>> En Eté

>> L'Automne

>> La Neige

More French DIRECTIONS Vocabulary and Songs:

>> Assis, Debout (Sit down, Stand Up)

YouTube: French Number Song 1-20

More French NUMBERS Vocabulary and Songs:

>> Les Chiffres et Les Nombres de 1 a 20

>> French Number Song 1-100

>> 1 à 100 Numéro Chanson


YouTube: Les Jours de la Semaine

More French DAYS OF THE WEEK Vocabulary and Songs:

>> Days of the Week Song in French

YouTube: Les Mois de l'Année

More French MONTHS OF THE YEAR Vocabulary and Songs:

Stories in French

>> Cinderella Fairy Tale in French

>> Cendrillon (Cinderella) (also in English)

>> Cendrillon (Cinderella)

>> La Belle et La Bete (Beauty and the Beast)

>> Peter Pan

>> The Three Bears

>> Heidi

>> Aladdin and the Lamp

>> Jungle Book

Songs in French

>> 80 Minutes of Childen’s French Songs

>> Pigloo - Papa Pingouin

French Cartoons

One of the best ways to learn French is just to be immersed in it! Here are some great children’s cartoons that can help kids grow in their comprehension of the French language:

>> Petit Ours Brun (Little Brown Bear)

>> T’choupi et Doudou (Charley and Mimmo)

>> Trotro (Donkey)

Also, a LOT of the animated Disney films are also available in French, just change the language options on your DVD’s and let your kids watch them in French!

Audio Stories

Once your kids get good at comprehending French with visual aids (movies and pictures) you can move on to just doing audio resources to help with further comprehension of the language through just hearing the spoken words without so much of the visual support. Here are some good resources to help with that:

>> French Children’s Stories (The French Experiment)

>> French Children’s Stories (The Fable Cottage)

>> Albums et Histoires

YouTube: The Alphabet Song

Here is the classic Alphabet Song, in French! It even goes nice and slow so kids can follow along.

More French ALPHABET Vocabulary and Songs:

>> Apprendre l’Alphabet avec Didou

>> The Alphabet Song in French

>> La Chanson de l'Alphabet en Français

>> L'alphabet en Français

>> French Alphabet Song for Kids

Videos and Songs That Teach French Grammar:

>> Verbe Être au Présent de l'Indicatif

>> Verbe Finir (Présent de l'Indicatif)

Favorite French Learning YouTube Channels

Monde des Titounis . . . Lots of great songs, stories, and vocabulary learning videos all in French!

Boutchoo . . .

Traposo French . . .

Little Pim . . .

Les Patapons . . .

Minidisco -- Chansons pour Enfants Français . . .