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The World Around Me

Here are some of my favorite resources for teaching young children about the calendar year, their neighborhood, communities, the world around them, and even outer space!

YouTube: Jesus is My Best Friend

Jesus is My Best Friend is a great music video for teaching kids about the days of the week.

YouTube: The Seven Days of the Week

The Seven Days of the Week is a fun little song that teaches kids the names of each day of the week with cute animation and a catchy melody.

You May Also Like:

>> Blippi Days of the Week Song

>> Blippi Months of the Year Song

>> These Are the Months of the Year

>> Months of the Year Song

Coloring Book Calendar

What better way to teach your children about the months of the year than by using an actual calendar!?  This children’s Write and Color Calendar is one of the best I’ve seen, not only for teaching about each of the twelve months in the year but also in learning about some of the events and holidays that are observed in each month, and the months are blank (no date numbers written in) so it doesn’t matter what year it is, they never “expire”.

Also, if you’re like us, we don’t observe Halloween in our home, so if you prefer, here is an “edited” version of the October month page without the scary pumpkin face . . . October Calendar Month (edited)

Community Helpers Emergent Reader

This Community Helpers Emergent Reader is available in full-color or black and white for coloring.

Community Helper Coloring Pages

Here are some free Community Helper Coloring Sheets for kids!

Community Helper People

Here are some great Community Helper Stick Puppets and Paper Dolls. They come in black and white which can make for a great coloring activity for the kids (or, if you prefer color, it is simple enough to add your own color by using Paint or another photo editing program).

These printable people can be fun to play with and can also enhance any study you are doing on community helpers or jobs around town.

Community Helper Worksheets

This Community Helper Worksheet Set includes fifteen “who am I” sentences with pictures to match with the sentences, as well as thirteen community helper stick puppets.

Community Helper Hats

These free Community Helper Hats encourage kids to playact the different roles of jobs in the community.

Richard Scarry’s Best Busy People Video Ever

Richard Scarry’s Best Busy People Video Ever is a cute little children’s show that introduces kids to the different jobs and workers in the community.

You may also like:

>> Richard Scarry The Busiest Firefighters Ever

>> Elmo’s World: Doctors

>> Elmo’s World: Firefighters, Foods, and Friends

>> Curious George: Going to the Doctor

There Goes a Train

There Goes a Train! This is just one of the many videos in this transportation series. This collection of videos is great! They’re fun and entertaining for kids but they are also highly educational and show real live footage of the different forms of transportation.

>> There Goes a Motorcycle

>> There Goes a Truck

>> There Goes a Bus

>> There Goes a Bulldozer

>> There Goes a Dump Truck

>> There Goes a Monster Truck

>> There Goes a Garbage Truck

>> There Goes the Mail Truck

>> There Goes a Tractor

>> There Goes a Race Car

>> There Goes a Police Car

>> There Goes a Firetruck

>> There Goes a Rescue Hero

>> There Goes an Airplane

>> There Goes a Helicopter

>> There Goes a Spaceship

>> There Goes a Tank

YouTube: Blippi

Blippi has some of the BEST children’s videos. Fun, entertaining, and educational! My son loves exploring all the different vehicles with Blippi, everything from helicopters, tractors, motorcycles, boats, police cars, garbage trucks, and more! Blippi even gives kids a tour of an ice cream truck – how cool is that!?!

In addition to learning about cool vehicles, Blippi also teaches kids about colors, shapes, parts of the body, fruits and vegetables, brushing teeth, and so much more!

Blippi also takes kids on field trips. Our favorite Blippi field trips include the aquarium, the zoo, a raspberry factory, an apple orchard, and a children’s museum!

And at the end of the day nothing helps my kids wind down faster than watching the Bedtime with Blippi show!

Continents of the World Printable

These Free Printable Continents are great for hands-on geography projects and lessons.

You may also like: Continent Coloring Pages.

Continent Maps With or Without Text

If you’re looking for more detailed maps of the continents, these Free Continent Maps are perfect! Comes with two different options, with text or without. There’s so much you can do with just basic maps!

Giant Printable World (and Continent) Maps

These Giant Maps are perfect for teaching geography in any age level. You can choose how big you want the maps and print them off for free!

The Continent Song

The Continent Song is just a simple song and video that teaches about the seven continents of the world.

Seven Continents of Our World

The Seven Continents of Our World is a catchy little song that teaches about the different continents and also the sign language for world geography.

YouTube: Where are You From?

Where Are You From is a cute little song that introduces kids to the different countries around the world. Also, Where Are You From 2!

Solar System & Outer Space Coloring Pages

This collection of Free Outer Space Coloring Pages is really fun and beautiful to color. Featuring all the major planets, the sun, stars, and other astronomical objects!

You may also like this free Solar System Coloring Page which shows the planets in order as they orbit around the sun.

Or this free Solar System Cut Out Sheets that can be used for any number of space themed crafts.

My Space Book

Make your own Space Book out of construction paper as an interactive way to teach your child about the different planets and space vocabulary.

Make Your Own Constellations

This Constellation Craft is a great way to teach young children about how combinations of stars can make pictures in the sky.

You may also like:

>> Dot to Dot Constellations

YouTube: We Are the Planets

We Are the Planets is a cute little animated song that teaches about the planets in our solar system.

ABC Kids Planets Song

This particular Planet Song caught my attention because not only does it have some really cute animation but it also goes more into depth and describes each of the planets rather than just merely giving their names.

You may also like:

>> The Planets Song