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Fun with Shapes, Sizes, Matching, and More!

Shape Matching Size and Color Activity

This Printable Shape Matching Activity is perfect for little ones. Print, cut, and laminate and you’re ready to go.

Winnie the Pooh Shapes Memory Game

Th is

Printable Shapes Memory game is a great way to practice shapes, and it’s made even more fun by adding favorite characters from Winnie the Pooh.

Playdough Shape Mats

Children won’t even realize they’re learning as they enjoy these Playdough Shape Mats! Perfect for preschools or at-home play, this simple activity helps with dexterity too.

12 Free Shapes Tracing Pages

This is a really nice collection of Shapes Tracing Pages. Twelve different shapes to trace or cut, and each shape is given multiple times in different sizes on the page.

Also, on the same website, they have bonus “Mini Shapes” Tracing Worksheets.

Picture Tracing Practice

Here is a wide selection of Tracing Practice Pages, and below is a listing of some of my absolute favorites . . .

>> Cute Animal Tracing Sheets

>> Flowers and Rain (Straight Lines)

>> Fish (Trace the Circles)

>> Train (Trace the Shapes)

>> Flying Kites (Trace the Diamonds)

>> All Aboard (Trace Curved Lines)

>> Flower (Trace Curved Lines)

>> Windy Day (Trace Curved Lines)

>> Train (Tracing Practice)

>> Whale (Tracing Practice)

>> Princess (Tracing Practice)

>> House (Tracing Practice)

12 Free Shapes Worksheets

Different from the shapes tracing pages listed above, these Shapes Worksheets each have a section for coloring, tracing, connecting dots, and drawing each of the shapes.

Shape Rubbing

Shape Rubbing is a very simple activity that incorporates motor skills, textures, and shape discovery.

Find the Shapes

Here are some great Find the Shapes printables . . .

>> Birthday Part (Squares)

>> Snowman (Circles)

>> School Bus (Circles)

>> House (Triangles)

>> Kitty Toy Box (Rectangles)

>> Robot (Rectangles)

>> Under the Sea (Diamonds)

>> Soccer (Pentagons)

>> House (Hidden Shapes)

>> Castle (Hidden Shapes)

>> Teddy Bear (Hidden Shapes)

>> Cat Playing Soccer (Hidden Shapes)

>> Train (Hidden Shapes)

>> Construction Workers (Hidden Shapes)

>> Cat Flying Kite (Hidden Shapes)

>> Ice Cream (Hidden Shapes)

>> Bear at the Beach (Hidden Shapes)

>> Animal Parade (Hidden Shapes)

Printable Shape Mazes

These Printable Shape Mazes are great for teaching shape recognition!


These Color by Shape Worksheets are great for shape practicing recognition. There are multiple pages here, for a total of 12 different shapes.

Farm Animal Size Sorting

This Farm Size Sorting Activity includes three different size barns and several farm animals to cut out and sort by size into the correct barn: big, medium, and small.

Big and Small Worksheets

This set of Big and Small Worksheets is pretty handy for teaching children about the sizes of objects.

You may also like:

>> Bigger Than Me, Smaller Than Me, Size Comparing

Learning Small and Large

This Small and Large Learning Pack has multiple ways of teaching children about the size of objects.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a classic story that can be used to teach children about the sizes, big, medium, and small.

You may also like:

>> Big Bear, Medium Bear, Small Bear Sorting

Color By Shapes

These Color By Shapes worksheets help with shape recognition and learning the importance of following instructions and following through to the end. Sixteen different pictures to choose from, all of them very detailed and very beautiful.

For more simple designs try these Easy Color By Shape worksheets.

Color the Shapes Emergent Reader

This Shapes Emergent Reader is a really cute booklet for learning the different shapes and helping your child to identify shapes in the world around them. And the best part is it’s totally FREE!!

Shape Pizza

Making Shape Pizzas can be a fun way to practice shapes. The actual shape pizza files cost $4 to purchase and download, but this craft is simple enough that one could easily do it even without the official download.

You may also like:

>> Build a Pizza Counting Activity

Unifix Cubes Block Shadows

This Block Shadows Busy Bag idea is a fun way to work on math for preschoolers. This activity is a simple and first step to area and perimeter that kids will learn about later as they grow. Works well with small wooden blocks or Unifix Cubes.

Here are some other Unifix Cube activities:

>> Squares in a Shape

>> Unifix Math and Counting Activities

>> Unifix Cube Color Sorting

>> Alphabet Letter Cubes

>> Alphabet Snap Cube Letters ($1)

And here are some great Unifix Printables:

>> Number & Pattern Cards

>> Number Counting Cards

>> Unifix Cube Counting Mats

>> Graphing Unifix Cubes

>> Unifix Cube Patterns

>> Cube Puzzle Letters and Puzzles

>> Unifix Color Pattern Cards

Shapes Memory Game

Here is a free printable Shapes Memory Game for practicing 2D shapes!

Also available for 3D shapes: 3D Shape Memory Game

3D Shape Sorting Mat

These 3D Shape Sorting Mats are great for helping kids identify the shapes in real life objects around them.

You may also like:

>> 2D and 3D Shape Sorting Printable

Spin and Cover Shapes Game

This free Spin and Cover Shapes Game takes a little preparation with laminating the game and making the little “spinner”, but even without the spinner you could easily just TELL your child with shape to look for instead of spinning to determine which one.

Also available for 3D shapes: 3D Shape Spin and Cover Game

Popsicle Stick Shapes

These Popsicle Stick Shapes are a great way to teach your students about how many sides each of the shapes have and how to build the different shapes!

(Sorry, there’s no link for this activity . . . These pictures were on Pinterest, but the websites don’t seem to be active anymore).

Shapes in My Neighborhood

A great way to teach your child about shapes is to work with them at creating your own Shapes in My Neighborhood Photo Book. Grab a camera and go on a scavenger hunt with your child looking for different shapes in your home and around your block and turn your pictures into a fun little activity book.

Homemade Shapes Puzzle

This Homemade Shapes Puzzle is both easy and inexpensive, just collect random objects from around your home and trace the outline on a sheet of paper. Put all the objects in a pile and let your child practice sorting and matching each object to their shape on the paper.

Geometric Shapes Art

This Geometric Shapes Art may be a bit hard for really young kids, but it could also be a fun “mommy and me” project if you work with them on it. One thing I really love about this activity is how it can help your child to see and identify the shapes in the things around them.

Nature Shapes

This is a great hands-on activity for kids, going outside and creating the different Nature Shapes out of things they find.  

Painted Shape Rocks

Making your own Painted Shape Rocks can be a great way to encourage shape discovery even on the strictest of budgets, and if you make multiple rocks with the same shapes you can use them for shape sorting and matching activities.

Shapes Scavenger Hunt

Organizing a Shapes Scavenger Hunt is very simple and easy but can lead to great fun and discovery for your student. Just draw shapes on pieces of paper and send your child out on a scavenger hunt to find objects that resemble the different shapes.

Shape Matching with Magazines

This Shape Matching Activity takes very few materials and very little preparation time. Just have your child go through old magazines or newspapers and cut out pictures of objects that match the different shapes they are learning about.

Road Shapes

Drive or park toy cars along these Road Shapes as a fun way to trace and practice creating each of these shapes. Here’s another link for Free Highway Shapes.

Shape Pictures and Tangrams

Use cut out shapes of all types and sizes to create different Shape Pictures.

>> Tangram Inspired Shape Puzzled for Toddlers

>> Free Tangram Printables

>> Geometry Shape Pictures (not in English, but some great ideas!)

>> Build the Home Pictures-by-Shapes

>> Shape Animals Cut and Paste Set #1 (not free, but some great ideas!)

>> Shape Animals Cut and Paste Set #2 (not free, but some great ideas!)

Many Shapes Pictures

Many Shapes Pictures is a fun craft that kids can do to explore the different shapes and what can be made with them. Just give the kids lots of random cut out out shapes in assorted colors and help them form them into pictures!

Shapes Flower Garden Craft

Another simple shapes craft your child can do . . . Just give them an assortment of different cut-out shapes and let them make their own Flower Garden Pictures.

Lots of Lines

Lots of Lines. Learning how to form the different kinds of lines can be a great way for children to improve their drawing skills and learn the different techniques they will need when learning how to write.  

Shadow Tracing

Learning about shadows can be fun, but it can also be a great opportunity for exploring different shapes and objects with this Shadow Tracing activity. Drawing with light and shadows helps children to recognize and understand some important concepts in physics.

Shape Hopscotch

Shape Hopscotch is a simple, but fun game, your children can play as they learn and practice the different shapes.

Color and Shape Jump

The Color and Shape Jump game is a great way to practice colors and shapes while moving about and getting some exercise at the same time!

Chocolate Chip Shape Cookies

Baking cookies can be a great way to learn about shapes. Here’s a great recipe for Chocolate Chip Shape Cookies, otherwise any basic sugar cookie recipe also works really well.

Learn About Shapes With Shawn’s Roller Coaster Adventure

Shawn’s Roller Coaster Adventure is a fun little movie that teaches shapes, and not just the basic shapes, but also the more advanced shapes. Children will learn about 15 different shapes in this video – both 2D and 3D shapes!

More Shawn the Train Learning Videos

Learn Shapes and Carve Pumpkins with Shawn the Train

This short Shapes Video goes alone well with the Roller Coaster Adventure video mentioned above. It just really helps to reinforce the the concepts of shape recognition.

More Shawn the Train Learning Videos

YouTube: The Shapes Song

The Shapes Song is just a very simple video clip that teaches about 2D shapes. I especially love the “Can You Find” sections, where kids are challenged to identify the shapes in real life objects.

YouTube: Discovering Shapes (Baby Einstein)

Baby Einstein: Shapes is a cute little video that introduces even very young children to the different basic shapes. I really appreciate the fact that Baby Einstein videos do not “over stimulate” children, but teach in a very calm, gentle way. I also really love how this video does not only introduce the shapes but also shows where the shapes can be found in everyday objects in the world around us.  

>> Discovering Shapes Part 1

>> Discovering Shapes Part 2

>> Discovering Shapes Part 3

>> Discovering Shapes Part 4

>> Discovering Shapes Part 5

YouTube: 2D Shapes Song

This 2D Shapes Song is just a fun little video clip that teaches about the basic shapes.

YouTube: 3D Shapes Song

This 3D Shapes Song is just a fun little video clip that teaches about the basic solid shapes.

Monster Trucks Learn 3D Shapes

Monster Trucks Learn 3D Shapes is a really fun video clip that teaches about the different solid shapes. They also have a video clip for 2D shapes, the Monster Trucks Shape Jump!

For more like this, here’s the GiggleBellies Preschool Learning Play List