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Outdoor, Nature, and P.E.

Whether indoor, or outdoor, you can get your kids up and moving, stretching their legs and getting their energy (and jitters) out while at the same time discovering things in nature and the world around them!

What Lives in the Dirt

Science experiments don’t have to be complicated! Sometimes the simplest things can enthrall young kids, like this What Lives in the Dirt activity!

>> The Benefits of Mud Play

Ant Farm in a Jar

Creating your own Ant Farm in a Jar can be a great way for kids to learn about the creepy crawly critters and the way they make their home in the dirt.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

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>> Color Nature Scavenger Hunt

My Five Senses Nature Walk

This Nature Walk Printable not only gets kids exploring the great outdoors but also helps to teach them about the five senses.

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>> Earth Day Nature Walk

Nature Portraits

A simple, nature-inspired craft! These Nature Portraits are lots of fun and easy to make. Nature Inspired Portraits allow kids to be creative and use their imagination.

Nature Art

With this Nature Art Activity children collect leaves, flowers, and other objects from nature, arrange them on sheets of paper and “paint” the pages using spray bottles filled with water and food coloring. When you remove the objects, you have a beautiful picture with outlines of the different objects and nature shapes!

Colorful Leaf Prints

If you’re looking for a nature art project that’s a little less messy than painting, you might try these Colorful Leaf Prints.

>> Leaf Rubbing

>> Leaf Print Pounding

Tree Bark Rubbing

Tree Bark Rubbing is a fun activity that requires little to no advanced preparation. Kids can learn about how different kinds of trees have different bark patterns.

Nature Journals

I really love these cardboard cover nature journals. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the link to say how to make them, but it looks simple enough . . . just cardboard covers tied together with ribbon.

Color Changing Flower Experiment

Children of all ages love this Color Changing Flower Experiment and watching as the white flowers change color.

Pressed Flower Pictures

I like the idea of pressing flower petals and using them to decorate the pictures your child draws.

>> Flower Fairy Fashion

>> How to Press Flowers

Weather Coloring Pages

Children will enjoy coloring these fun Weather Coloring Pages while learning about the different kind of weather.

Wind Activity

This Preschool Wind Activity is a great way for kids to experience, first hand, how wind works and the effect it has on the world around us.

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>> Make Your Own Wind Chime Crafts

Homemade Rain Gauge

In learning about the weather (and particularly about the rain) children will enjoy making their very own Homemade Rain Gauge.

YouTube: Learn the Weather for Kids

Learn the Weather for Kids is a very simple video clip but it’s a great way to introduce young children to the basic weather vocabulary words.

YouTube: Rain, Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain, Rain is a catchy little song that teaches kids about weather, featuring BOZ the Green Bear. Also check out these other nature BOZ videos:

>> God’s Green Earth

>> Fun in Every Season

>> Snow, Snow

>> It’s Great to Skate

BOZ the Green Bear Next Door

This is a really cute video that teaches about colors, shapes, and things in nature, from a Christian perspective.

Very catchy songs, engaging stories. Kids love it!

>> Rent or Buy on Amazon

Four Seasons Coloring Pages

Children will enjoy coloring these fun Four Seasons Coloring Pages as they learn about the different seasons of the year!

Bugs Coloring Sheets

Here are some fun and FREE printable Bug Coloring Pages!

Dice Action Activity Game

This Counting Action Dice Game is great for young kids, it gets them up and moving about while practicing their counting skills at the same time!

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>> Bug and Insect Movement Cards

>> Farm Animal Movement Cards

>> Pet Shop Movement Cards

>> Transportation Movement Cards

Sensory Obstacle Courses

A Sensory Obstacle Course is a great way to get your kids moving, stimulating their senses, and burning their excess energy at the same time!

Color and Shape Jump

The Color and Shape Jump game is a great way to practice colors and shapes while moving about and getting some exercise at the same time!

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>> The Stretching and Exercise Song