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Opposites and Directions

Sorting Opposites

Sorting Opposites is a great activity for helping your child discover the world of opposites. Soft, hard, heavy, light, floats, sinks . . . just use objects from around your house and have your child discover and sort!

Opposite Word Cards

This Opposite Word Cards file contains three different pages of opposite word exercises. You need to subscribe to the blog to access the download, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

eeBoo Opposites Matching Pairs Puzzle

I’m not in the habit of buying a lot of resources, since there is so much available for free online, but these puzzles are worth every penny!

>> Opposites Matching Pairs Puzzle

>> Preschool Colors Matching Puzzle

>> Alphabet and Numbers Matching Puzzle

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>> Fun with Opposites Coloring Book

Monster Trucks Learn Opposites and Directions

Monster Trucks Learn Opposites and Directions is a really fun, cute little video clip for preschoolers.

For more like this, here’s the GiggleBellies Preschool Learning Play List

YouTube: On, In, and Under

On, In, and Under is a cute little song that teaches basic directions.

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>> In Front Of, Behind, Between