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Making Music

Beginner Xylophone and Recorder Set

I bought this Xylophone and Recorder Set for my preschooler (it made a really nice Christmas present) and she really likes it. I was very pleased with the quality of these instruments. I think both the xylophone and the recorder are great beginner instruments for children, and the music book uses both letters AND colors for showing which notes to play on the xylophone, so even really young children can learn to follow along and play the different songs even without being able to “read music”.

Cardboard Box Guitar

Have fun making your own musical instruments with your kids. Try out this Cardboard Box Guitar or any number of other instrument crafts (linked below).

>> Festive Maracas

>> Ice Cream Tub Drum

>> Paper Plate Tambourine

>> Paper Cup Shaker

Juno Jr – Frogs Sing Harmony

Juno Jr – Frogs Sing Harmony. What is Harmony? This cute little children’s video helps answer that question in a way that really helps young children grasp the concept of musical harmony. From the DVD The Day the Music Stopped!

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