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Letter of the Week: R

R is for Rain

Here is a list of some good Letter R words:

Rain, Rainbow, Rose, Rabbit, Rhino, Raccoon, Rocket, Robot, Road, Rooster, Racecar

Listed below are some of the activities and resources we used in this study . . .

Free Printable Worksheets

Please refer to our Alphabet Fun Page for the wide assortment of printable worksheets as well as other resources and ideas for teaching the letters of the Alphabet!!

YouTube: Letter E Phonics Song

This Letter E Phonics Song is a great little video clip that teaches the sound that the letter makes as well as lots of different words that begin with that letter!

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>> Sesame Street: Letter E

>> ABCmouse Letter E Song

R is for Rabbit Worksheets

These Free Rabbit Letter R Worksheets go really well with our letter of the week activities. A nice variation from the standard letter worksheets, these worksheets add a dimension of fun as we continue learning with rabbits.

Looking for more worksheets?

All our standard alphabet worksheets are found on our Alphabet Fun page!

Youtube: The Story of a Little Rain Drop

The Story of a Little Rain Drop is just a very short, rather cute story that teaches kids the very basics of rain and the water cycles.

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>> Magic School Bus Wet All Over

>> Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm

>> Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow

Youtube: Rain, Rain, Rain Song (BOZ the Green Bear)

Rain, Rain, Rain is a catchy little song that kids will love to sing. As with all the BOZ melodies it ties in a Christian theme, giving God the credit for the rain fall!

You May Also Like:

>> Spot the Dog: Under My Umbrella

Rainboots Paper Craft

I love this idea of having the kids design and decorate a set of rainboots. I saw this picture on Pinterest, but there was no link included with the picture, so I went ahead and found another printable image of rainboots to use and we had lots of fun coloring and painting all sorts of pretty designs on our rainboots.

>> Download the Printable Rainboot Coloring Page (.jpg)

You May Also Like:


Umbrella Paper Craft

Rainbow Paper Craft

String Along Rain Craft

This String Along Rain Craft can be a fun little activity for kids, both to reinforce a lesson about rain while at the same time teaching motor skills and beginner sewing techniques.

YouTube: Blippi Garbage and Recycling

Blippi: Garbage and Recycling is a fun video that teaches kids about garbage trucks and recycling plants!

Please refer to our Alphabet Fun Page for more resources, including a wide assortment of printable worksheets for learning the letters of the Alphabet!!