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Letter of the Week: C

C is for Cat

Since the letter C can make a /k/ sound (as in cat), an /s/ sound (as in circus), and a /ch/ sound (as in chicken) I’ve divided up the list of letter C words into three groups to (hopefully) make it easier to teach the concept to children.

When the letter C is followed by an “i”, an “e”, or a “y” it usually makes the /s/ sound. If it is followed by an “h” it should (though not always) says /ch/ – apart from that it should pretty much (with a few exceptions) always be pronounced as a /k/ sound.

Letter C Words (with the /k/ sound):

Cat, Camel, Car, Clown, Caterpillar, Carrot, Clam, Coat, Corn, Cookie, Cook, Cow, Crab, Cupcake, Cloud, Castle, Crown, Crayon, Clock, Cake, Camera, Construction, Coin, Cash, Cartoon

Letter C Words (with the /s/ sound):

Circus, Celery, Circle, City, Cymbal, Cycle, Cereal, Cent, Centipede, Center

Letter C Words (with the /ch/ sound):

Chicken, Cheese, Chain, Chair, Cherry, Chocolate, Chimney, Church

Listed below are some of the activities and resources we used in this study . . .

Free Printable Worksheets

Please refer to our Alphabet Fun Page for the wide assortment of printable worksheets as well as other resources and ideas for teaching the letters of the Alphabet!!

YouTube: Letter C Phonics Song

This Letter C Phonics Song is a great little video clip that teaches the sound that the letter makes as well as lots of different words that begin with that letter!

You May Also Like:

>> Sesame Street: The Letter C

>> Sesame Street: C is for Cookie

>> ABCmouse Letter C Song

Play Through the Bible – Joseph

If you talk about the words “coat” or “cloak” with the Letter C activities you can tie it in with the story of Joseph! See our Play Through the Bible: Joseph page for all the resources we used for exploring this Bible story!

YouTube: Mr. Rogers Visits the Cows

Mr. Rogers Visits the Cows is a nice little video clip that shows kids what things are like on a cow farm and the whole process that goes into producing the milk that we buy in the store.

Read-a-Loud: Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory

YouTube: How is Chocolate Made?

How is Chocolate is Made. Learn about where chocolate comes from and take a tour of a chocolate factory to see how it is made!

You May Also Like:

>> How It’s Made: Chocolate

>> The History of Chocolate

>> Cocoa to Chocolate: The Story of Our Chocolate Jounrey

YouTube: Mr Rogers Shows How Crayons are Made

Mr Rogers Shows How Crayons are Made. A short little video that explains the process that goes into making crayons.

You May Also Like:

>> How Crayons are Made

Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Art. Kids will need help doing this activity, but it’s one they definitely enjoy! Have your child help you put the crayons on a canvas and then watch what happens when the wax from the crayons gets hot!

Melted Crayon Art with Flowers

Melted Crayon Art with Flowers. Similar to the above activity, but flip the picture around and paste on some plastic flowers for a pretty floral picture!

Camera Activities for Kids

C is for Camera!! Kids LOVE pictures, and taking a camera on a scavenger hunt can be a fun way to learn about cameras AND have some learning fun along the way!

You can use a camera to help your child create their own Shapes Photobook or use the camera on a Photography Color Hunt!

If you’re looking for a good children’s digital camera I would highly recommend the Vtech Kidizoom! It’s a kid friendly “toy” that takes real digital photos. A great beginner camera for young children!

Or help your child make their own toy camera to play with!

Make a Toy Camera

How to Make a Toy Camera. With just a few recycled materials you can help your child craft their own toy camera for pretend play.

YouTube: Let’s Take a Picture Song

Let’s Take a Picture is a cute little song for kids who are interested in cameras and taking pictures.

Please refer to our Alphabet Fun Page for more resources, including a wide assortment of printable worksheets for learning the letters of the Alphabet!!