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Learning to Count

Teach your child to count . . .

Number and Counting Worksheets

Number Practice Worksheets. Each page has 5 different ways to practice each number. They can doadot, sticker, or use counting stones for the top. Then they can color and count the animals (and other living beings). Then they can use playdough or color and decorate he number. After that they can write the number following with writing the word.

Zoo Animal Emergent Reader

This site (Kindergarten Worksheets and Games) has this really cute booklet for learning number recognition and counting. And the best part is it’s totally FREE!!

Number Tracing Worksheets

Practice writing numbers one through twenty with these Number Tracing Worksheets.

Missing Number Worksheets

Practice counting with these Free Missing Number Worksheets. Your child can fill in the blanks to complete the number sequences. There are five worksheets in this pack, two for counting up to ten, two for counting up to fifty, and one sheet that goes as high as one hundred!

Number Counting Playdough Mats

These cute Number Mats are great for helping kids develop their number and counting skills.

Valentine Number Mats

These printable Valentine Number Mats are super simple but a lot of fun, perfect for preschool and early learners.

Number Rubbing

Number Rubbing is a very simple activity that incorporates motor skills, textures, and shape discovery.

Number Playdough Mats

There are two separate sets of Number Playdough Mats here, one set contains the numbers 0-10 and the other set contains the numbers 11-20.

Pom Pom Counting Activities

Here are some great ideas for using pom-poms to interact with numbers and practice counting, they don’t have files you can print, but the idea is simple enough that you could easily create your own on paper.

Otherwise, here is a link to some other, somewhat similar printable worksheets that can be used with pom-poms, Unifix Cubes, or other small counting objects . . .

>>  Printable Math Mats

Build a Pizza Counting Activity

This Build a Pizza Counting Activity is a really fun way for children to practice their numbers and the importance of following directions as they count each of the toppings and add them to the pizza.

Counting with Butterflies

My daughter loves butterflies, so this Butterfly Counting Activity is just perfect for her! Practice counting while decorating the different butterflies.

Printable Farm Counting Book

This Printable Farm Counting Book contains really cute pictures that can be color, counted, and made into a little book.

Number Coloring Pages

These Number Coloring Pages count from 1 to 10 – there’s a number to color on each page plus a corresponding number of animals on the page to count as you color.

Hidden Numbers

These beautiful Hidden Number Pages help to teach the importance of coloring “in the lines” as well as reinforcing basic number recognition.

Hide and Seek Numbers

>> Nursery Rhyme Hidden Numbers

Color By Number

These Under the Sea Color By Number pictures are really cute and fairly easy for young children. You can find all sorts of free color by number pictures on the Internet, but here are just a few of my favorites:

>> Princess Color It By Number Pages

>> Vehicle Color It By Number Pages

>> Butterfly and Caterpillar Color by Number

>> Butterfly and Flowers Color by Number

>> Puppy’s Doghouse Color by Number

>> Jungle Monkey Color by Number

>> Rainbow Color by Number

>> Fruit Color by Number

>> Dinosaur Color by Number

>> Hot Air Balloons

Hidden Picture Color By Number

These Hidden Picture Color By Number worksheets help with number recognition and learning the importance of following instructions and following through to the end. Lots of different pictures to choose from, all of them in varying degrees of difficulty.

For more simple designs try these Easy Color By Number worksheets.

Otherwise, here are a few other favorites of mine:

>> Birthday Cake Hidden Picture

>> Butterfly Hidden Picture

Color By Number Alphabet Letters

Color By Number Alphabet Letters. Some of these may be a bit too challenging for younger kids but they are just way too awesome to pass up. There are many benefits to color-by-number coloring pages. Color by number pages really help to teach children the importance of following instructions, the meaning of symbols, and the advantage of seeing things through to the end.

Dot-to-Dot Activity Pages

Here are some nice dot-to-dot activity pages for practicing county and number sequences . . .

>> Lion

>> Under the Sea

>> Dump Truck

>> Concrete Mixer

>> Caterpillar to Butterfly

>> Airplane

>> Giraffe

Number Train

This Printable Number Train can be a fun way for kids to practice counting and putting the numbers in order. You could even add an extra element of learning by having your child fill each train car with the right correct number of objects.

Print and Drive Number Rhyme Mats

Print and Drive Number Rhyme Mats are perfect for your little tot or preschooler.  This set includes numbers 1-10 with a fun transportation theme on each page. For every number, there is a small rhyme for children to learn the proper number formation as they drive their vehicle around the number.

Similar Resources:

>> Highway Number Cards

>> Highway Letter Cards

>> Highway Shape Cards

Fun with Numbers and Fruit Loops!

Fun with Numbers and Fruit Loops! This is a very simple activity that takes very little effort to prepare. Just put glue on a sheet of paper in the shape of numbers and have your child place objects along the glue lines.

I’m not so sure about using fruit loops for this activity (my kids would definitely want to eat them even after they’ve been glued), but there are plenty of craft items you can use instead of fruit loops, the activity remains the same.

This site, andNEXTcomesL, has a lot of great ideas for hands-on number and counting activities.

Painted Number Rocks

Making your own Painted Number Rocks can be a great way to teach numbers and counting even on the strictest of budgets.

Uno Matching Activities

Even before your child is old enough to play the official Uno Card Game, this simple deck of cards can be a very useful tool in teaching basic color and number concepts to children through Number or Color Matching with Uno Cards.

Unifix Cube Numbers

These printable Number & Pattern Cards are perfect to use with Snap Cubes or Unifix Cubes.

Here are some other great Unifix Cube Printables:

>> Number Counting Cards

>> Unifix Cube Counting Mats

>> Graphing Unifix Cubes

>> Unifix Cube Patterns

>> Cube Puzzle Letters and Puzzles

>> Unifix Color Pattern Cards

>> Alphabet Snap Cube Letters ($1)

And here are some other Unifix Cube activities:

>> Unifix Math and Counting Activities

>> Squares in a Shape

>> Block Shadows

>> Alphabet Letter Cubes

>> Unifix Cube Color Sorting

Sorting, Counting, and Graphing for Preschoolers

This activity takes very little set up, but it will get your students Sorting, Counting, and Graphing . . . and learning without even realizing it!

Dice Action Activity Game

This Counting Action Dice Game is great for young kids, it gets them up and moving about while practicing their counting skills at the same time!

Numbered Nature Tray

This is a great hands-on activity for kids, going outside and collecting objects to compile a Numbered Nature Tray.

eeBoo Alphabet and Numbers Matching Puzzle

I’m not in the habit of buying a lot of resources, since there is so much available for free online, but these puzzles are worth every penny!

>> Alphabet and Numbers Matching Puzzle

>> Preschool Colors Matching Puzzle

>> Opposites Matching Pairs Puzzle

Winnie the Pooh 123’s DVD

This movie is great! Winnie the Pooh 123’s not only teaches children how to count, but it also teaches different concepts that are important to know about numbers and it has a couple really catchy songs to help reinforce the lesson and make memorizing the numbers so easy!

(I would suggest buying this DVD used – brand new it’s rather expensive!)

You may also like:

>> Winnie the Pooh Shapes and Sizes (also on YouTube)

Note: I would NOT recommend the ABC video (check it out on YouTube) – that one was a disappointment. I expected them to actually teach the alphabet but instead it wasted so much time trying to teach kids about rhyming words. I definitely recommend this counting video, but not the Winnie the Pooh ABC’s video.  

Richard Scarry’s Best Counting Video Ever

Richard Scarry’s Best Counting Video Ever really is the best! Learn to count all the way to twenty with Lilly Bunny, Huckle the Cat, and Lowly Worm. This show has them counting lots of times to give the repetition needed for memorization. It has some really cute animation, fun humor, and catchy counting songs. Kids love it!  

The Number Adventure at the Train Factory

Shawn the Train’s Number Adventure video is a fun way for kids to learn number recognition and counting.

More Shawn the Train Learning Videos

Count to Ten with Shawn the Train

This short Counting Video goes alone well with the Number Adventure video mentioned above. It just really helps to reinforce number recognition and the concept of counting.

More Shawn the Train Learning Videos

Monster Trucks Counting Big Numbers

Monster Trucks Counting Big Numbers is a cute little video clip that teaches about counting up to 10. Also check out the Monster Trucks Counting Competition and the Monster Trucks Count to Twenty videos!

For more like this, here’s the GiggleBellies Preschool Learning Play List

YouTube: Choo-Choo Counting

Choo-Choo Counting. Personally I thought this video was rather slow and “dull” but the kids absolutely loved it, so it’s a winner!