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Exploring Colors

God Made a Colorful World

God Made a Colorful World is a free printable coloring book that explores the different colors in view of creation.

Color Activities – Coloring Pages & Sorting

These cute Coloring and Sorting Pages can be used to introduce color words and color distinction to little learners. Included are 10 color pages and 5 sorting activities.

Here’s a similar set of color coloring page sheets:

>> Free Printable Coloring Color Pages

>> Coloring Neatly Practice Sheet

I Know My Colors Practice Sheets

I Know My Colors Workbooks. These practice sheets are AMAZING! I can hardly believe they’re free! Each color contains 10 pages of activities to practice recognizing the color. Featuring eleven different colors.

Homemade Colors Book

Using simple paint sample sheets and stickers you can get your child busy sorting and matching colors in a little Homemade Colors Books.

Unifix Color Patterns

These Color Pattern Cards are free to download and print and perfect for teaching color patterns and sequences with Unifix Cubes!

Here are some other great Unifix Cube Printables:

>> Number & Pattern Cards

>> Number Counting Cards

>> Unifix Cube Counting Mats

>> Graphing Unifix Cubes

>> Unifix Cube Patterns

>> Cube Puzzle Letters and Puzzles

>> Alphabet Snap Cube Letters ($1)

Unifix Cube Color Sorting Activity

There’s a lot you can do with Unifix Cubes, like Unifix Cube Color Sorting for practicing identifying same colors!

Here are some other Unifix Cube activities:

>> Unifix Math and Counting Activities

>> Squares in a Shape

>> Block Shadows

>> Alphabet Letter Cubes

Highly Detailed COLORS Coloring Pages

At first glance these pages look a little too “advanced” for young children, but what child doesn’t enjoy coloring with their parent?! These Highly Detailed Coloring Pages are perfect for all ages!

Printable Color Cards

These Printable Color Cards are free to download. Just print them out and laminate them and you’re good to go! If you print two sets you can do color matching games with your child, otherwise, just one set is sufficient for flash cards and learning the names of the different colors.

Color Sorting Printable

This Color Sorting Activity includes three printable mats with a total of nine colors with five color objects to sort for each color.

You may also like:

>> Sorting by Color Free Download

Painted Rock Dominoes

I looked at buying preschool dominoes and was shocked to find they were selling between $15-$20. Forget that! But, here’s a great alternative that doesn’t have to cost you anything . . . Painted Rock Dominoes. I love the idea of color matching with the dominoes. I think it would also be really cool to make dominoes that would match shapes, numbers, or upper-case and lower-case letters. Lots of possibilities here!

You can also make Painted Rainbow Rocks, and if you make multiple rocks of the same colors you can use them for color sorting activities.

Colorful Scavenger Hunt

This Color Scavenger Hunt is so easy to set-up. There is very little prep time but lots of fun. Just set out colorful sheets of construction paper and let your child go wild collecting objects and matching them to the right colored paper.

Color Nature Scavenger Hunt

This Nature Scavenger Hunt comes with a free printable book where kids can document different things they find that correspond with the given colors.

Color Mixing

Most young students learn the basic colors, but not so much about how mixing different colors can create new ones. This simple Paper Place Color Mixing Palate helps to give specific places for the paint colors to guide young students in their discovery of mixing colors.

Color and Shape Jump

The Color and Shape Jump game is a great way to practice colors and shapes while moving about and getting some exercise at the same time!

eeBoo Preschool Colors Matching Puzzle

I’m not in the habit of buying a lot of resources, since there is so much available for free online, but these puzzles are worth every penny!

>> Preschool Colors Matching Puzzle

>> Alphabet and Numbers Matching Puzzle

>> Opposites Matching Pairs Puzzle

Help Shawn the Train Teach Robot About Colors

Teaching Robot About Colors is a cute little video short that just goes through the basic colors and what each color is called. There is also a longer video that includes colors: Learn Numbers, Shapes, Colors and More with Shawn the Train.

More Shawn the Train Learning Videos

Monster Truck Race Colors

The Monster Truck Race is a cute little video clip that teaches about colors. Also check out the Monster Truck Color Crush and the Paintball Competition videos!

For more like this, here’s the GiggleBellies Preschool Learning Play List

Dave and Ava - The Colors Song

The Colors Song is a cute little animated song for kids. Great graphics, catchy tune, and lots of examples of objects that are the colors being named.

The Day the Crayons Quit

A cute little video that animates the read-aloud-book, “The Day the Crayons Quit”.

YouTube: God’s Green Earth

God’s Green Earth is a catchy little song that teaches kids about weather, featuring BOZ the Green Bear. Also check out these other nature BOZ videos:

>> Rain, Rain, Rain

>> Fun in Every Season

>> Snow, Snow

>> It’s Great to Skate

BOZ the Green Bear Next Door

This is a really cute video that teaches about colors, shapes, and things in nature, from a Christian perspective.

Very catchy songs, engaging stories. Kids love it!

>> Rent or Buy on Amazon

YouTube: I See Something Blue

I See Something Blue is a cute little song that explores some different colors around us. For even more colors watch the second video: I See Something Pink.

YouTube: Mr. Rogers Show How to Make Crayons

Mr Rogers Shows How to Make Crayons. This is a great little video clip from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood that shows kids how crayons are made!

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>> Here’s How: Crayons & Markers