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Color, Cut, Paint, Create!

Self Portrait Coloring

Coloring Self Portraits. Brilliant idea! Print off black and white portraits and let your child color it with markers.

Combination Art

I couldn’t find the link to this, but I think just looking at the pictures can be enough to duplicate this project. Water paint a sheet of paper, add some crayon lines, then cut out a separate “self portrait” or drawing of a person and paste it in the middle. The end results are beautiful!

Crazy Hair Portrait

Add a little extra flare to your child’s art with these curly Crazy Hair Portrait pictures.

Painting Fireworks

This Firework Art Project is lots of fun for kids, using a straw blowing technique to create the firework blasts.

Roller Coaster Paper Craft

This Roller Coaster Paper Craft gets kids bending, folding, curling, and gluing strips of paper, and in the end they have a pretty cool looking piece of art.

Color Mixing

Most paints for young children come already mixed into the different colors they would want, so young students don’t really learn about color mixing or about how they can make the different colors they want. This simple Paper Place Color Mixing Palate helps to give specific places for the paint colors to guide young students in their discovery of mixing paint colors.

I Can Glue – Just a Dot

When young kids first start using glue things can get a little messy, which is why this Just a Dot . . . Not a Lot practice sheet is perfect for helping kids with their gluing skills.

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>> Coloring Neatly Practice Sheet

Umbrella Glue Raindrops Picture

Here’s another great project for kids who need to practice their gluing skills. Make a picture of an umbrella (the one shown is made from construction paper, but you could also just draw one on a sheet of paper), then have your child put small dabs of glue all over the page and hang it vertically to dry!

(Sorry, there isn’t any link to this project, I found it on Pinterest but the link was bad)

Other Arts & Crafts Ideas

I don’t have links for these, since they are just pictures I found floating around the internet, but they are simple enough that it should be possible to recreate them from just looking at the pictures . . .