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All About Me

All About Me Booklet

This All About Me printable kit contains 5 pages of fill in the blank spaces for writing and drawing prompts. This can be a great way to teach children about their identity and the things that make them unique.

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All About Me Hand Print Book

Super simple, super fun! Turn your child’s hand print into an All About Me Hand Print Book. If you need some inspiration, you can use any of the printable about me pages (above) to collect ideas and to brainstorm about what content to include in this book.  

Life Size Me

Making a Life Size Me is not only an extremely fun project for kids but can also be a great way to learn about the different parts of the body.

Preschool Human Body

These Preschool Human Body Printables are perfect for teaching young children about the human body and how it works. This printable pack contains two people (a boy and a girl) with vocabulary flash cards and smaller pictures of each internal organ that fit with the people so children can see where each of the organs belongs.

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Playdough Fun with Emotions

The Emotions Characters were originally intended to be used with playdough, but they are so cute, and so versatile, that I can imagine so many things that can be done with these emotions people, even without the playdough!

Feelings and Emotions Cards

These FREE Feelings and Emotions Cards help children identify their feelings and emotions! Featuring twelve different emotions: Angry, Happy, Excited, Sleepy, Proud, Shy, Scared, Sad, Embarrassed, Confused, Hurt, and Grumpy. Also included for FREE is a page filled with ideas for using these cards!

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My Feelings Workbook

This FREE Printable My Feelings Workbook features 50 different emotions! It may be a bit much for a preschooler, but since each of the emotion is featured on their own separate page, you can just print off whichever ones you want without having to print everything for all 50 emotions.   

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Funny Face Flip Book

Learn how to make your own Funny Face Flip Book. You can do this just for fun, or you can intentionally draw the faces to express the different emotions that your child is learning about.

Blank Face Templates

You can use these FREE Blank Face Templates with your students in learning about different emotions. Let your students draw the different emotion expressions on the faces or laminate the sheets and use them as playdough mats.

Make-a-Face Emotions

This Make-a-Face Activity has blank faces for a boy and girl as well as a neutral person. Included in the package are lots of different eyes, mouths, and noses to choose from to create different expressions and emotions.

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Emotion Painted Rocks

Here’s a fun outdoor activity for exploring the different emotions: Emotion Painted Rocks!

(Sorry, there’s no link, I just found this circulating around Pinterest but the link was bad)

Printable Emotions Board Game

This Printable Emotions Board Game is easy to set up and easy to play. A fun way to connect with your kids and talk about the different emotions they feel.

Storytime Faces

Storytime Faces is a simple but effective way help kids learn about the different emotions. Print of the free emotion faces and have your students hold up the correct emotion as you read the story (also provided).

Emotions Song

YouTube: Emotions Song . . . a simple song about the different feelings and emotions kids feel.

If You’re Happy

YouTube: If Your Happy . . . This song is to the same tune as “If You’re Happy and You know It” but the verses explore several different emotions besides just being “happy”.

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Five Senses Coloring Pages

Children can learn about their five senses with these Five Senses Coloring Pages. I would really love to incorporate these into the Five Senses Book (below). I think they would make a great addition to the book.

My Five Senses Book

The My Five Senses Book features five pages (one for each of the five main senses) for kids to complete. On each page, kids are asked to either draw or cut and paste a picture of things they can see/hear/smell/taste/touch. Kids are also asked to write in – on their own or with help from a grown up – their favorite thing to see/hear/smell/taste/touch.

(This site also features several other activity ideas for exploring the Five Senses)

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My Five Senses and Popcorn

Making popcorn can be a great way to teach children about their five senses, since you can hear it, smell it, see it, touch it, and taste it! Including a free downloadable booklet: My Five Senses and Popcorn.

The Five Senses - By Perfume

 has some great ideas on how to teach kids about the 5 senses – including links to games, interactive activities, and fact sheets!

YouTube: Five Senses Song

To the tune of ‘Apples and Bananas’ this cute little Five Senses Song teaches kids about the five senses.

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All About Me What I Like to Wear

Clothes can say a lot about a person and children of all ages have an opinion on what they like to wear. With this What I Like to Wear activity, kids can decorate 1 of 4 templates in their favorite clothes to display their personal style for all to see.